Re the Information Above, See This Article: The Rise and Fall of the Hockey Stick Graph
IAHF List: After the COP 21 "Climate Change Conference" that is going on right now in Paris, we can expect a massive increase in geoengineering including the spraying of weaponized parasites that are causing Morgellons disease via which we are being turned into non reproducing biologically microchipped cyborgs. Watch this video "Morgellons is a Time Release Illegal Government Implant" and scroll to the bottom to learn how you can detoxify yourself.

The Scientific Fraud taking place right now in Paris at the COP 21 so called "Climate Change" Conference is breathtakingly giganic. It is a Hitlerian "Big Lie" We must expose it because the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change intends to radically increase the amount of chemtrailing ("geoengineering") as the supposed "solution" to this in fact NON EXISTING so called "problem". They also intend to usurp our national sovereignty under false pretenses unless we stop them by communicating with Congress to stop ratification of the Climate Change Treaty.  See this letter by film maker Michael Murphy titled 

Letter to Activists; Geoengineering, Paris Climate Agreement and the Coming Carbon Dictatorship

(Please watch the trailer for film maker Michael Murphy's "An UN conventional Shade of Grey" and please purchase one or more advance copies of this film so he'll have the funds necessary to complete it. His film will expose this scam so we can stop Congress from ratifying the UN Climate Change Treaty that will be based on this FRAUD!!)

You can readily see the FRAUD by taking a quick look at the two graphs shown above. In the graph on the right the UN's IPCC has conveniently REMOVED any reference to the Medieval Warm Period, and the Little Ice Age shown in their graph from 1991 when they were telling the TRUTH!

They HAD to remove any reference to the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age because these inconvenient truths totally TRASH their narrative of so called "Global Warming" that is not taking place at all, in fact, there is an abundance of evidence that the earth has in FACT been in an 18 year COOLING period, but the UN and Vatican blocked the Heartland Institute from presenting any of this data at their conferences!! 
In their alleged "Quest for Social Justice" the Vatican is actually doing the bidding of David Rockefeller's Club of Rome which has a well documented Genocide agenda.
This is why the Club of Rome endorses Pope Francis and the Vatican right here on their website.
They're lying about EVERYTHING as a pretense for STEALING from the "rich" countries to "give to the poor" in order to "redistribute wealth" so as to force us all into a Global Totalitarian State to be run by the UN, with the UN dictating every aspect of our lives. Unless this SCAM is exposed and STOPPED we can expect massively increased chemtrail spraying in what would be the largest ecological disaster in human history all conducted in the NAME of "Saving Us".
According to satellite data, there has been no global warming for the last 18.8 years even though one third of all the man made CO2 in the atmosphere has been emitted during that time. (1998 was the hottest year in the last 50 years and the temperature has cooled since then.)

New land based temperature stations installed in 2004 through out the US have recorded a 1 degree temperature decrease over the last 10 years.

The latest UN IPCC climate report (AR5) indicated in Chapter 2 that there was a low confidence of any correlation between man made CO2 and extreme weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts - which all are at historic lows for both frequency and intensity.

Climate related death have decreased by 98% from 3.7 million deaths in 1934 to 34,000 deaths last year; even though the world's population has tripled during that time.

So the reality is that there isn't a link between man made CO2 and catastrophic temperature increases or extreme weather; extreme weather is not getting worst or more frequent; and climate related deaths are a fraction of what they use to be.

The whole climate scare is, and has been, about socialism and the redistribution of wealth from the rich to poor. that is why the UN wants an annual $100 billion climate fund to be establish and paid for by the rich countries so that the UN can tell the world how to live. Keep in mind that there is a well documented Altar to Satan inside UN Headquarters... I saw it with my own two eyes on a class trip in 1971 when I was in 9th grade growing up in New Jersey.
The entrance to the so called "UN Meditation room" at the UN where the huge black slab of Magnetite is measures 18' wide at the opening (6 + 6 + 6). The back wall measures 9' which corresponds to the planet Saturn which has Satanic Connotations. The room was paid for by the "Lucis" Trust which was originally called the "Lucifer" Trust but they changed their name for deceptive purposes. This is all very solidly documented.
The very same Rockefeller family which had such a big role in the creation of the UN also created the"Club of Rome" which is currently pushing for massively increased chemtrailing of humanity under false pretenses as discussed above.
Knowledge = Power! At any moment we could have some confluence of orchestrated events intended to trigger martial law in America. At any moment there could be a "sequel to 911" intended to trigger nation wide gun confiscation and a total lock down on our cities.
They're spraying us with billions of metric tones of toxic heavy metals: aluminum oxide, barium, strontium, cobalt, arsenic, toxic chemicals such as ethylene dibromide, and worst of all: weaponized parasites such as calembola that have been tweaked using nanotechnology in a bioweapons lab at Stanford University for the purpose of turning us all into non reproducing cyborgs as the ruling elite seek to seize this planet for themselves and their progeny. See my archived e-alerts especially this one in which I document all of this.
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