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17th November 2008

Stitchin', Bitchin' and Credit Crunch Knittin'

Metro Article... Girl Guides... Vintage Buttons... Museum Fun... Rip it up!

Thrifty greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, and not feeling not too doomy and gloomy about the financial times we're stitching in. We are here to bring you a good old dose of knitting news, with a particular emphasis this week on free events and money-saving ideas. Join us in sticking your needles up to the Credit Crunch.

We have bags of activities for you this week ranging from Girl Guides
to vintage buttons. And the best bit is that they are all free free free! OK, so knitting isn't exactly a cheap hobby and you might want to buy a coffee and/or some amazing glass buttons, but all the events listed this week will cost you nothing to attend. So come join us in making the best of being knitty in the city. 

Also, we were featured in an article in the Metro newspaper last week, spreading the woolly love a little further. If you've joined us after reading the article, we're looking forward to knitting with you. 

We'd also like to mention that all the details of the Christmas party are now on our blog. Click on over there to have a read and get knitting that Secret Santa for TUESDAY, 16TH DECEMBER.

The last few meetings have been packed with those of you craving a little stitching in the cold weather. At The Maple Leaf we took the Canadians by storm, got super-cosy at the back of the bar and certain people tried to sneak off with other peoples' sparkly shawls.

At the lovely Leon we triumphantly took over the whole self-service area, ate our weight in pie and met lots of nice new people. We also had a visit from Tara who exchanged surveys for free yarn as she prepares to open her own online yarn store… watch this space for more news.

Stitch and Leader of the Pack 

Details of the next meeting: 

We will be helping the Stockwell Girl Guides to earn their knitting badges this week at the Royal Festival Hall. Although the meeting will continue as usual we would love some helping hands to teach the basics. You do not need to be experienced at teaching, just someone who is enthusiastic and willing to give up a small amount of their knitting time for a good cause. It would be fab if you could come along and help out the Stitchettes. 

From 6pm 
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall 
Address: South Bank Centre 
Belvedere Road 

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Oh, and you can have some Girl Guide knitting fun here.

Stitch and Knitting INSIDE Westminster Abbey

Details of the meeting after next: 

Dixie Nichols welcomes us into her home at the amazing, and Hogwarts-like, Westminster Abbey to stitch, peruse and purchase her amazing vintage glass buttons made by her father from 1946 - 1966. Nibbles and tipples will be provided, so don't miss out on this rather special event. Please take the phone number and directions with you to avoid being lost and knitting yourself into a corner. 

6 - 9pm
Venue: Westminster Abbey
Address: 1 Little Cloister

Website Nearest tube: Westminster, St. James' Park  

For purchases please bring cash or cheque only, no credit cards. (WARNING: You'll kick yourself if you don't!) 

Directions: Go into Dean's Yard through archway off the drive-in in front of the Abbey. Take a left and go into cloisters behind Abbey (if stopped by a Marshall say you are going to Canon Reiss (ignore Private and Residents Only signs)).  Walk to the end of the passage then go right.  Follow the cloister all the way round until you get to a fountain court. Little Cloister no. 1 is to your left, and says Rev'd Reiss on door. 

If you get lost you can call Laura on 07739 005 017

Stitch and Festive Fair

Details of the meeting after that: 

We had so much fun at the Create @ Late event earlier this year that we had to go back for a bit of festive fun in The Museum of London. There will be lots of free activities, including Christmas decoration making, and our knitting area. As if that wasn't enough, the museum will be completely open for you to wander round and learn London's history as you knit. 

5 - 9pm
Museum of London 
London Wall 

Map Website Nearest Tube: Barbican, St. Paul's

Stitch and rippit, rippit

Many of us have stashes of yarn, the odd ball or two picked up here or there, that suddenly starts taking over all available storage space at home (we've even heard of people that have an 'at work' stash too!). But when it comes to knitting a larger project, the costs of buying enough yarn to knit a whole jumper can be prohibitive and in the current climate, many of us are tightening our financial knitting belts.  

Fear not! A budget needn't mean you can't supplement your stash occasionally. An ideal way of getting hold of lots of yarn on the cheap is to look out for good quality jumpers in charity shops and 'frog' or unravel them. You can find a brilliant 'how to' with step by step instructions and pictures on the CraftStylish website, but here are the key points for those of you who can't wait to get started: 

1. Make sure your jumper has been knitted in pieces rather than cut out of a big piece of knitted fabric. You can check this by close examination of the seams and edges. 

2. Carefully pick apart the seams, making sure you don't cut into the knitting itself. A seam ripper tool is useful here. 

3. Unravel each piece into hanks of yarn - this can be done with a niddy noddy or over the back of a chair. Secure each hank in several places with scraps of yarn. 

4. Soak your hanks of yarn in lukewarm water (don't agitate them; you don't want them felting after all your hard work!) and hang them up to drip dry. 

Once the hanks are dry, you're all set to wind them into balls and get knitting! You might need to a bit more swatching than usual, but it'll be worth it for all the money you've saved!

Stitch and Socktopus Shop

When Socktopus opened its online doors to you back in September '07 we wrongly reported that it was a real-life, go in and have a knit, shop. We are now proud to resurrect that news because Socktopus has gone all bricks and mortar on us and has its very own premises with doors and everything. 

They have classes, Thursday evening knit nights, Sunday afternoon knits, and cupcakes once a month with Bittersweet Bakers. And for spinners, Tuesday evenings are social spin nights with Diane Mulholland.  Drop in with a drop spindle, or your wheel, or just drop in to see what spinning is all about. 

In the spirit of the credit crunch, if you are going to buy then give your dosh and support to your local stores. 

Located at:
Studio 9 
132-134 Lots Road 
SW10 0RJ

Opening: Sundays 12- 5pm, Tues, Wed & Thurs 12-8pm, or by appointment.

That's about all the events we can cram in this week… no really… that's a lot of events! We hope that you can pick up some needles and yarn and come join us at some (or all) of them.  

Until then, may the knit be with you!

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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