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Saturday night 'Tis the Season's...
We're celebrating Chris' B-day!!

Kids, what a great weekend past we had. NJ Devils players at The Rock Bottom, and even more "devils" at Butch Kowal's! Love the new venue. We really had SO much fun, thanks to everyone! And, keep those song requests comin' in, as we've got a bunch of newbies coming out each show!

Now for this Saturday. It's our first night back in 2006 - one of our favorites - Season's in Edison! Great food, great people, and an atmosphere everyone loves. Also, check it out: Gotta join us for the first special "wrecktacular" event of 2006 - Chris' Birthday celebration! If you remember last year's, share it with Chris... he doesn't!! Reminder: Chris enjoys Guinness, Sambuca, and loves midgets. So, what could be better than a midget serving him beers and shots on his birthday! Let's work on this.

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* * * THIS WEEK * * *

SATURDAY - JAN 21st - 10pm
1630 Rt 27
Edison, NJ

Season's is like home...
Complete w/ home cooked meals!
Join The WRECKS and
200 of our closest friends.

* * * NEXT WEEK * * *

SATURDAY - JAN 28th - 11pm
Chiller Theatre presents:
The "Dead of Winter" Show!
At The Crowne Plaza Hotel

2 Harmon Plaza
Secaucus, NJ 07094
Hotel 201-348-6900

Chiller Theatre's annual "Dead of Winter" Show, Jan 27 thru 29. This year's is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, SECAUCUS-MEADOWLANDS, 2 Harmon Plaza in Secaucus. Hotel 201-348-6900.

For more info, please visit:
http://www.chillertheatre.com/ (main chiller)
http://www.chillertheatre.com/winter.htm (show page)
http://www.chillertheatre.com/gt/gtc4.htm (whacky guests!)

The WRECKS will perform sometime after 11pm Saturday Jan 28th. Please check it out. Lots of friends have in the past, and say it's a VERY INTERESTINGLY FUN event! Thanks!

Upcoming Schedule
Saturday - Jan 21 - Season's - Edison
Saturday - Jan 28 - Chiller Theatre - Secaucus
Saturday - Feb 4 - Butch Kowal's - Rahway
Thursday - Feb 16 - Colorado Cafe' - Watchung
Saturday - Feb 18 - Colorado Cafe' - Watchung

Wanna have more fun at The WRECKS shows, lend a "band hand," AND make some money in the process? We wanna keep this WRECKS Train a rollin' along, so we're looking for a few good men and women to help us out with the weekend email sign-ups in the clubs. If you're interested in becoming part of The WRECKS "Street Team," please reply and let us know.
Subject: WRECKS "Street Team"
Thank You!

Also, Please read:
The Daily Record cancer/hurricane article

See you in the clubs...

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