Media Release
Tuesday January 11th


Just.Equal Australia has written to both Religious Discrimination Bill inquiries seeking a hearing that focusses on the adverse impacts of the Bill on LGBTIQ+ people.

Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Brian Greig, said,

"This Bill is a backlash to marriage equality and will roll-back decades of hard-won discrimination protections for LGBTIQ+ Australians."

"In any other circumstances such a dramatic adverse impact on a minority community would be the subject of an entire inquiry."

"The least the two inquiries can do is allow for a focus on the issues we face through a specific hearing."

The Just.Equal letter asks that LGBTIQ+ hearings include representatives from a wide range of groups including LGBTIQ+ faith, disability and indigenous groups, as well as health, mental health and support services.

Here are some of the existing anti-discrimination laws, powers and policies that protect LGBTIQ+ people from unfair treatment that will be weakened if the Federal Bill is passed:
  • protection against humiliating, offensive and other demeaning conduct
  • protection for staff and students in faith-based schools
  • protection for staff and clients of other faith-based organisations
  • protection for customers of faith-linked commercial services
  • inclusive policies and cultures in workplaces, schools and clubs that will be violated by derogatory speech in the name of religion
  • the capacity of the state to pass effective laws against conversion practices
  • the capacity of municipal councils to manage where and when street preachers can operate
  • the capacity of professional bodies to discipline members for demeaning and derogatory behaviour
For a copy of this statement on the web, click here
For more information contact Brian Greig on 0407 776 961.