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 ECCENTRIC SOUL: Omnibus Boxset 
29th October 2012 
45 7" singles from the dustiest corners of the United States, replicated down to the tiniest detail. Housed in a custom Numero-patterned 45 box, replete with metal hardware and handle in 19 different color combinations. Clothbound hardback book with a word count of almost 50,000, covering the bizarre histories of each group, the early history of Numero, plus an absurdly detailed series of indices.

Back in early 2003, when Numero was still in an embryonic state, our inaugural release was envisioned as a 10-record, 20-artist pile of peculiar soul 45s, packaged in a cardboard clamshell mailer. It was cobbled together from what, at the time, seemed like a unique selection of singles: off-key vocalists and over-the-top guitar soloists, one-piece string sections and piecemeal brass lines, each of them ostensibly helmed by a savant mad-scientist producer working in jury-rigged, barely functional studio conditions. Its working title was Eccentric Soul. 
 ALFONSO LOVO: La Gigantona 
Formats: CD/ LP
5th Nov 2012 
Sunburned to acetate in 1976, Nicaraguan composer Alfonso Lovo's unreleased masterpiece La Gigantona is a psychedelic swirl of Latin jazz and Afro-Caribbean funk that has no match in the Western Hemisphere. Fusion begets confusion, as Lovo's hand-plucked guitar melodies tumble into synthesizer meltdowns with wasted grace. More experimental than Jamaica's heaviest dub plate, La Gigantona lays in a groove that is, at times, as deep in the pocket as it is in the clouds.
The son of a prominent Nicaraguan politician, Lovo was an obvious target when Sandinista rebels hijacked a Managua-bound flight from Miami in December of 1971, ultimately putting several rounds through the talented musician’s torso and hand. After several years, and as many surgeries, he would break ground on this psychedelic pastiche of Latin jazz and pan-American funk, recorded in his nation’s capital in 1976. The binary stars of the sessions would be the agile Lovo and percussionist Jose “Chepito” Areas, who’s timbale work can be heard on watershed records by Carlos Santana, including the Latin-rock milestone, “Oye Como Va.” Lovo’s unreleased masterpiece, combining the talent’s of Nicaragua’s most notorious players, recalls at once the spiritual funkiness of Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi, the studio tricknology of Lee “Scratch” Perry, and the dense propulsion of Billy Cobham’s Spectrum. 
Formats: CD/ LP
12th November 2012
A few years ago, a mysterious LP appeared, only for sale from a limited number of retail outlets, most of the pressing being sold at the WFMU Record Fair in 2009. Some people recognized that it emanated from the Numero camp (even appearing on some lists as a Numero release), but no information was ever provided, and no official credit was ever taken.
The LP, simply known as Circuit Rider, was living out its arcane origins. The sticker offered little, if any, info: “This is the ultimate burnout biker psych masterpiece. Finally repressed directly from tapes to flawlessly restore the cigarette burns, Harley fumes, and cocaine hangovers of the original ride, this is a 40 minute recipe for a complete mental breakdown. Included on the Acid Archives list of Top Ten LPs Most Likely To Be Owned By A Serial Killer, Circuit Rider is lost on the same journey as Kenneth Higney, Nicodemus & Matchez, YaHoWa, Boa, Heitkotter, Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz, Raven, Fraction, and The Doors’ LA Woman.”
 SHOES – Reissues 
One In Versailles // Bazooka // 
Black Vinyl Shoes // Present Tense Demos 
Release Date: Dec 2012 
After Numero got talking with Jeff Murphy from Shoes about including them on Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago, it occurred to them that they were standing on the precipice of a great catalog. 
The band has done a great job of keeping their albums in print on CD since the early 1990s, but their vinyl is woefully difficult to track down. One In Versailles and Black Vinyl Shoes had both been issued in editions of 500 a few years back, but at $50 a pop, only the cult was being serviced. 

In an attempt at reintroducing a great pop band to a whole new audience, Numero are thrilled to announce an LP reissue campaign of long out-of-print albums by Zion, IL’s Shoes. Beginning with One In Versailles and Black Vinyl Shoes, then adds Bazooka (previously never issued on vinyl) and an entire album of demos that went on to become their landmark Present Tense LP.Each LP will be packaged to Numero’s highest standard, including reprints of the stickers, lyric sheets, and even iron-ons that accompanied the original issues. Numero are working closely with the band to remaster the LPs from the original master tapes, a marked improvement over the DAT conversions that past reissues of their catalog have been subject to.
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