February At "Sage Hill Farms"~

Some rain, some snow, some wind, "some" sun...but not as much as we are ready for.

Spring is tempting and teasing the recesses of our mind-where we have all those wonderful projects stored away until the day of unveiling.

We have our own resident Groundhog at Sage Hill; I don't think he even bothered to come out of hiding yesterday. Not sure what that tells us, he is either too fat and lazy to partake or he was afraid of the popping sound he hears from time to time when he gets too bold.

I don't aim to hurt him but I do aim to keep him of the understanding that my garden and fruit trees are not up for grabs.

Lots of things are starting to show green, the daffodils, the wild growing oregano and mints in the bog are all sprouting quickly.

The Winter Wheat is basking in the sunshine of the last two days.

Most of the trees are filling up with buds, and the birds are more and more with each passing day. Still some winter to come and go, but...we are in the curve of spring’s arrival.

I've spent a lot of time over the winter months reading websites that I often do not have time for after the spring starts to unfold. "The Herb Society of America" is one of my favorite places. They have named the "Bay Laurel" tree as the herb of the year for 2009. You can read more about this at my blog: http://beasbeatitudes.blogspot.com.

Now if you know me well, then you know I'm no fan of the USDA as a rule, but they do from time to time put out useful information. Their list (actually it's been known to those in the know for a very long time) of the top 20 winter foods to add to your diet for antioxidant benefits is right on the money.

I might add that eating as local and in season as we can and adding these ingredients/foods to our menu will give us a large dose of protection from all manner of ills. Basically it empowers our immune system.

It's akin to "meditating" for the spirit and the mind, good things spill over into all aspects of our daily life.

Visit http://www.JMvoice.com for beautiful guidance into the benefits of this very special tool-or-gift.

Oh yes, the Super Foods list: Cinnamon, pecans, dark chocolate, pomegranate, apples, prunes, red or kidney dry beans, russet potatoes, cabbage and blueberries, fresh or frozen.

The things one can do with this list are never-ending and nothing short of a miracle in taste and goodness. Another bit of information that is good to know and utilize during the winter... and all year doesn't hurt.

Anti-inflammatory herbs and spices

Herbs and spices can be very beneficial in multi-faceted ways and minus the side effects of most drugs.

Inflammation is thought to be a key player in heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma and allergies. Make these herbs/spices a part of your daily cooking/diet regiment.

Ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, basil, cardamon, chives, cilantro, cloves, garlic, and parsley.

Another good tip to keep in mind: Eating as many raw foods as possible is of great value to good health.


Cooking should be a carefully balanced reflection of all the good things of the earth."
Jean & Pierre Troisgros

Places and People I love:

You will be blessed and surprised at all the wonderful information Richard shares with us all. I have learned much and he still gets my attention with every article he puts forward.

Do you know that 'Bayer', yes, the Bayer...Is the worlds biggest agrochemical company, and that they are also the worlds seventh largest seed company. Makes one sit right up and take notice, does it not.

"Who Owns Nature" is a wonderful article at Organic Consumers. The worlds top 10 pesticide companies. http:/www./organicconsumers.org/articles/article_16696.cfm

Lots there to read and ponder; things we all need to know in order to make good health decisions.

Have a Faith-filled February and share your blessings.

Bea Kunz