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Merry Christmas from Sage Hill Farms~

The year has been long, demanding, and successful- we have much to be grateful for, and so we are. We have much yet to accomplish- and so we will.

For now…let’s wind down, appreciate the blessings and honor the past that played a part in the now.

For most of us it is the season of giving-this belief and practice comes to us from the past.
For most of us it is the season of love-this is a gift from our maker.
For most of us it is the season of faith-this allows all the other truths to be~

I usually save my time of reflection for the last week of December, and, I will certainly not neglect that this year, but…since this is the last newsletter of 2011, I feel the need to offer a special “thank you” to the people who have consistently held me up and been a major factor in the success of all I promote- through Sage Hill Farms and other avenues.

*Note…while it isn’t possible to name everyone who is so very special to me, please know if you have simply posted a hello note, surprised me with a phone call or a card, you have left a mark on my journey that is ‘life.’

Thank you Richard Rossbauer~
A reminder to keep your guard up on internet safety, especially during this season. afety.pdf


Mike Adams is my ‘”Truth hero”.
A reminder to make food and good health a top priority-this season is a perfect starting place.
www.naturalnews .com/034319_school_food_fresh_produce_garden.html
www.naturalnews .com/034320_aspartame_sweetener_side_effects.html


Kevin Gianni is my go to for natural miracles
I really like and trust the information from this guy and website This is need to know information on a subject that does or will affect most of us in some way.
Kevin Gianni-The Health Renegade


I never stop learning from this website~
Organic Consumers never fails to inform-they are a light in the darkness that is our food arena. Read. Learn, and share…and for the sake of future generations…take action on some level. s_unfi.cfm


Earth Fare Supermarkets…where you don’t need to read labels ~
Talk about a good thing!
Find them in your town/city…or ask them to build in your city if they aren’t there. eville%20West.aspx

Books I’ve read this year that inspired me~

ORGANIC MANIFESTO (by) Maria Rodale…a top priority read.

PURSUING YOUR DESTINY (by) Michelle Rosado and Randy Rosado-will tear at your heart and fire your passions.

PAY IT FORWARD (by) Catherine Ryan Hyde….such a clear and easily doable act that will lighten any load.

THE 9 STEPS TO KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY (by) DR. Rashid A. Buttar….all you ever need to know about having good health ~

GREAT WOMEN OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH (by) Edith Deen…… 121 brief biographies of women from high-born and wealthy, noblewomen and serving maids, women born to poverty and obscurity, Queens and peasants….this book is a real confirmation that women have always been strong leaders by being grounded in their faith. (This is an older book, published in 1959- not sure if it is still in print but I can give you the ISBN # if you would like it.)

I can never say “thank you” enough to Vanessa Shelton- a beautiful friend, qualified and talented VA (and so much more than that) without her…‘Sage Hill Farms’ as we know it, would not be…!/VanessasDesk

Friends I’ve known for more than 5 years on the internet-loyal, supportive, sharing, and loving:

To Leslie Freude, Kim Emerson, Debbie Dreyer, Jane Carroll, Faye Durham, Jan Verhoeff, Heidi Caswell, Sandi Thompson, Anne Schrock, Susan Loughrin, Debbie Barth, Angela Betts, Barb Desmarais, Chef Gigi, Diana Gialotta, Ginger Marks, Jeanie Marshall, Gloria Mount, Rebecca Simmons, and many more, know that I cherish you~

This season brings more than pretty wrapped packages for many - colds and flu bugs.

Remember the herbs that are designed to help you avoid this, or if you do get zapped, can lessen the painful period.

Cinnamon, ginger, clove, lemon, orange, green tea, thyme, chamomile…the teas at Sage Hill are designed to help you manage the season…be it for pleasure or for need.

It’s not too late to order from the Sage Hill Farms website for those special people on your Christmas list.

Need something you don’t see…just ask, I can make miracles happen well, my own special kind, and just for you.

From the Sage Hill Farm family to you and your family…

Merry Christmas~

Bea Kunz