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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

Special Notice from Pittwater Council


Pittwater Council

Notification to Scotland island residents

Vegetation collection day - for the purpose of fire fuel reduction

Tuesday 13 December 2005

Acceptable vegetation:

Lawn clippings, weeds and leaves must be presented in hard sided containers
Branches are to be no longer than 1.2m, and no wider than 75mm
All branches must be bundled and tied. Bundles must be able to be lifted by one person.
Vegetation will only be collected from the roadside.

Unacceptable materials that will be stickered and not collected include:

Vegetation in any form of plastic bag, hessian bag, polystyrene boxes and cardboard boxes
Tree stumps, soil
Non-organic materials
Treated, painted, stained or laminated timber
Particleboard, plywood
General clean up materials
Vegetation placed out after Monday 12 Dec 2005
Vegetation on public or private wharves

Where your vegetation has been stickered you are to do either of the following:

• Take the vegetation to Kimbriki recycling & waste disposal facility.

• The vegetation is to be placed within the boundary of your property and correctly re-presented at council’s next Scotland island vegetation collection during February 2006.

• Mulch or compost the vegetation and reuse on-site.

Tree preservation policy
The following trees and shrubs are protected by council’s tree preservation policy.
All bushland;
Vegetation in excess of 3m in height, or with a trunk girth of 0.5m; and
Any mangrove or cycad irrespective of dimension.
Only undesirable plants (such as noxious weeds) are exempt from the tree preservation policy.
A complete list of undesirable plants can be found on council’s website.

Extreme caution is to be taken as all properties on Scotland island are subject to landslip

Pittwater spotted gums
Spotted gums are prevalent on Scotland island and this is an endangered ecological community

Kimbriki recycling & waste disposal centre

The vegetation collected as part of council’s vegetation service is taken to Kimbriki recycling and waste disposal centre where the vegetation is shredded and made into beautiful mulch and soils.

For enquiries regarding this vegetation collection day contact Pittwater council

Rennae projceski, council’s waste education officer. Phone: 9970-1216. Fax: 9970-7150
Email: pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au


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