Richard Herring Newsletter
JULY 2017 part 2
La AIOTM Nouveau est arrive
Just a quickie to let you know that the first episode of AIOTM is now up on the secret channel.
If you backed the kickstarter you should have had an email reminding you of the link and password (and we inadvertently sent it to everyone who backed the kickstarter, in a Jesus like amnesty, which is sort of nice actually).
But if you missed the kickstarter you can still access the secret channel. For just £15 you will get to see long versions of all the episodes (when available) before they go up on line for free (there's about 20 minutes extra content in episode 1) plus there are extras including interviews, blooper reels, videos of the audio extra shows and the bits that were too rubbish to put even in the long rough cut.
We're finding our feet a bit in this first ep (and the edited versions will have better sound and be mildly more professional looking!) but getting some nice comments already. Massively appreciate your support on this.
Emergency Questions Book
The demand for these has been incredible and aside from a few copies that I am selling at gigs and podcasts (that will be gone within a week) and a handful that I am holding back to auction on ebay, we have sold out of the first editions.
We are though doing a reprint, which will be available to pre order today at
Though they won't be ready for three or more weeks.
You can also follow @EmergencyQ on Twitter for a free daily question.
  If you were wondering how we achieved some of the amazing special effects in AIOTM, check out this behind the scenes picture!
Thanks again to all the kickstarter backers and emergency questions book owners and secret channel users. We will use your money to make even more fun content.