Dmitry Fyodorov is now back from the dark depths of modern technology!
The 1st of March the long awaited debut album from Dmitry Fyodorov is released. It is called “Shapeless”. First appetizer was the track “Coconut Office” that in late 2009 slaughtered its way through the web waves.
But first we are honored to present:

Shapeless: The drum machine – a drum sequencer based on samples used on Dmitry Fyodorov's album.

Each track on the album has its own sample pack. This makes it easy for anyone to create their own instant remixes of Dmitry Fyodorov's dark techno hits. Please use headphones for total epic awesomeness.
Get it for free in iTunes app store HERE:
Listen to the album as mixtape here:
or here:
In 2008 Dmitry Fyodorov released 1 track every 29th of each month, one more hard hitting than the other. The viral www did the rest and transformed the mp3:s and the endless features on mixtapes to dance floor mosh pits all around Europe and further to SXSW in Austin USA. As a visitor to Sweden’s summer festivals 2009, you would not have missed them when performing on Emmaboda, Hultsfred, Arvika, Dans Dakar and more.

Live: 2010-02-27 - Debaser - Malmö (S)
Дмитрий Федоров - один раз в успешных игроков нападения в ЦСКА, что таинственно исчез после аварии на льду. Сейчас, почти 30 лет спустя, его душа возвращается в виде темных, искаженных Доме музыки привести к хаосу на танцполах по всему миру.
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