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At the end of this alert is a lot of useful and very positive health information about Raw Foods that I've been learning about and also information about how to test yourself for an underactive thyroid gland, something I just discovered was causing chronic fatigue and making it hard for me to lose weight even though I'm active in a Masters swimming program. In 14 days of eating raw foods I've lost 15 pounds effortlessly and am feeling the highest level of vitality in my life, you can too!! 

All of us need to get as healthy as possible as the New World Order goes into their "End Game" scenario, so please check out these sites- they help to balance some of the more painful information also provided in this important Alert!!


News coverage such as this very favorable CNN piece
have helped Ron Paul's Presidential campaign to take off like a rocket, garnering incredibly broad based support from people across the political spectrum and assisting him in raising more than 5 Million in the past 3 months:,,-6969289,00.html Evidence indicates that Ron Paul raised as much money over the past two months as John McCain which means that the strongest ANTI WAR candidate (Ron Paul) raised as much as the strongst PRO WAR candidate.


This is not good news for the Neocon whores who control the Republican Party Hierarchy, so not surprisingly, they are moving like gangbusters right now to rig the rules for voting in many primaries to try to SHUT OUT any Ron Paul supporters who are not registered as Republicans:

Folks, I'll tell you where this is heading: Its heading toward the installation of Hilary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani as Democrat and Republican "nominees", then whichever of these miscreants gets the nod from the Bilderberg Group is to be installed by the CIA as our next dictator. They're both evil and rotten to the core and its a toss up as to which is worse because they're both so incredibly bad.

According to former White House aide Linda Tripp when Clinton was "First Lady" via her influence over Vince Foster, she ordered the murder of the Branch Dividians in WACO Texas- which was a Nazi like military siege and subsequent slaughter against 81 innocent men, women and children, locked inside of a Church, who were murdered in cold blood by our illustrious government:  Please take the time to watch WACO: THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT  to refamiliarize yourself with this dark moment in American history, and after viewing this film please ask yourself if you would feel comfortable with Hilary Clinton as President especially if Martial Law were declared due to Bird Flu or any other reason?

I know for a fact that both Bill and Hilary Clinton were fully aware of the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program and not only did neither of them ever make any effort to try to stop it, but they both had sex (at the same time) with my friend Sue Ford when she was a Presidential Model CIA MKULTRA Slave who broke free of MKULTRA Mind Control and who wrote this book for purposes of exposing the New World Order's plans for ALL of us: and  I spent 5 days visiting Sue who wrote her book under the pen name Brice Taylor in an effort to learn as much as I could about the MKULTRA Program.

To learn about countermeasures scroll to the bottom of John Mecca's website and you will learn of specific micronutrients that can protect you against the effects of both implanted microchips and also directed energy in the form of microwaves. This helps us to see still further why the ruling elite wish to ban our access to healing nutrients via Codex and via regional harmonization including FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico (encourage more people to sign my petition calling for Congressional oversight at

Ron Paul is doing more to try to defend US Sovereignty and the Constitution than any other candidate from either Party, and he's the only candidate who has ever tried to help me on Capital Hill when addressing the issue of either Codex or the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. In my last two trips to DC Ron Paul provided me with a letter to circulate to other congressmen to try to get signatures against FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but only a handful signed it and none of them were on the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee because Pharma has bought all those people off via PAC donations.



Now we see the USDA even trying to crush our access to RAW FOODS as they intend to start pasteurizing raw almonds:

This threatens to be the thin end of the wedge as USDA will undoubtedly start trying to destroy the health benefits of herbs and raw foods via any possible means including Food Irradiation because the ruling elite don't want us having strong immune systems for when they start using the H1N1 Virus as a population control weapon via CIA instigated Bird Flu which I strongly suspect they may eventually unleash as a means of triggering martial law.

My friend Don Brown was forcibly injected with the H1N1 virus during the 1980s when he was in the US Army. He was not told in advance what he was being injected with. The US Army violated the Nuremburg Code when they did this to my friend, and that makes them every bit as bad as Hitler's Army. Don pissed and shat blood for 3 straight weeks. He was so infuriated by what the US government did to him that he left the country vowing never to return and lived offshore for 24 years til he was forcibly deported back to the US by the Fijiian government after being tracked from New Zealand to Fiji by New Zealand equivalent to the CIA as a result of a war he'd been waging in that country against Dow Chemical which you can learn about from his website here:

Don would not be at all surprised to see the US government unleash the H1N1 virus (which killed Millions of people in 1918) on all of us, and neither would I especially given the heinous crimes the Bush's have been committing against humanity using depleted uranium, etc in the middle east, but we CAN do a LOT to fight back and also to defend ourselves, so please don't despair! Just forward this alert massively and repost it on your websites! Read on, many superb sources of info on raw foods below along with how to diagnose a sluggish thyroid gland from a simple test you can do at home, and what to do about it:


1. Get active with the Ron Paul campaign if you're not already by joining the Meetup Group nearest you- see  I am active in Ron Paul meetup groups in Vancouver BC Canada, Bellingham Washington, and Seattle. Recently I went to Seattle for a fundraising lunch and heard Ron deliver two excellent speeches to packed houses in two different locations, one being Seattle University where he was embraced by the student body who welcomed him with open arms. We hung Ron Paul banners and signs off overpasses over I-5 during rush hour and handed out literature to passers by. There was a huge rally at a Hotel afterwards.

On Saturday I'll be going to Vancouver BC Canada to work with the RP Meetup group there to man the booth to hand stuff out to American tourists of whom there are many in Vancouver. We have a lot of pocket US Constitutions that we'll be handing out on Saturday along with Ron Paul slim jims and other materials, but I need you to be doing the same thing wherever you are and its FUN too!! Regardless of what the CIA does to try to rig the coming planned installation, the more awareness we can spread to bypass the controlled News Media, the better off we'll all be so any time spent helping the Paul campaign is NOT time wasted! We can slow down and push back the other sides timetable for forcing us into a global totalitarian state by working together in this way!

2. Get into Raw Foods the way I have to make your body as alkaline as possible to strengthen your immune system, get more energy, and to have more clarity of focus in order to fight the New World Order to the greatest degree possible.

Below are some very cool Raw Food Sites that are well worth visiting and forwarding to more people. In the past 2 weeks from eating Raw Foods I have lost 15 pounds and feel the most energy and vitality that I've ever felt in my life! All of us can fight the NWO to the max if more people check into this. I get most of my raw food staples from You can make some incredible smoothies from ingredients acquired via this site!

I discovered by doing a Basil temperature test that I have a sluggish thyroid gland and that was making it harder for me to lose weight even though I'm in Masters Swimming and ride a bike a lot. I now take a dietary supplement from Life Extension Foundation to address my thyroid issues and its helping a lot, see resources and info below. Please forward this widely, and please DONATE to IAHF to help us do our work. I'm going to be doing a 3 hour long radio show soon that I'll be telling you about in my next email, and I'm preparing for it now.

Angela Stokes website: Angela went from 279 lbs to 138 lbs in 6 years by eating raw foods, and now she's down to about 120. She has totally transformed her life by eating this way and she probably saved her own life because she was a prime candidate for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer.

Reversing Diabetes Naturally- A bunch of people with diabetes went to this clinic in Arizona where for 3 weeks they were only allowed to eat raw foods. They cured themselves of diabetes and got off insulin

Markus Rothkranz: Remarkable transformation shows how he looked in mid 20s as opposed to how he looks now at age 45, at 45 he looks far younger than when he was in his 20s- plus he cured himself of heart disease. Please watch this:

There are two videos on this site, very interesting how this guy Markus Rothkranz is using music and theatrics to try to deliver a message to the world that could profoundly help us all improve our health by learning about raw foods. See his website especially this part of it where he talks about how raw foods transformed his health in very positive ways: When you go to this page, be sure to scroll all the way over to the right to see how healthy this guy is at age 45.  If he can get into that kind of shape, so can anyone just by using him as a role model.

Supermodel Carol Alt Shares Her Raw Food Lifestyle with Me  This Will Change the Way You Look at Food Forever
By Allison Kugel, Senior Editor - November 16, 2006

How to do a basil temperature test to check for low thyroid: On this site scroll down to article titled Nutritional Support for the Thyroid

Supplement I'm using to improve thyroid functioning which has been working for me:  Also see info at

I get Raw foods staples from a variety of sources including 


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