J.C. Satàn
Sick Of Love

Release Date: 29th November 2010
Label: Slovenly Recordings
Format: CD/LP
 Odyssey Of Love by GOLDSTARPR

J.C. Satàn is a band of three gents from Bordeaux, France, and two girls from Turin, Italy who cosmically collided in Bordeaux and recorded  Sick Of Love – a true apocalyptic masterpiece.

Arthur Satàn (also of MEATARDS), the principal songwriter in the band, was a protege of Looch Vibrato of France’s reknowned acid-punk duo MAGNETIX, who are no strangers to delivering well-crafted skull shattering sounds. Arthur, together with J.C. Satàn’s lyricist Paula H., have concocted a swirling mix of lyrically abstract songs about morning-after sex in a drug haze (“Woke up late in the morning, In a bed full of Stories, There’s no love, No romance, Just a jerk in a coma ” - From “Your Place”), and fighting one’s way out of Hell (“This wasn’t my room, That wasn’t my house, I saw my cat flying through the sky... This is my arm, That is my sword, Against the darkness, Like a superhero” (From “Superhero”). 

And the music? Similarities to THEE OH SEES can be pinpointed, but in concept alone. This is by no means a band who’s latching on to a current sound in any way. There are more Black Lips imitators out there now than there ever was for the Oblivians/ Gories, but J.C. Satàn has avoided trends and triteness to develop into a mature unit, defining their own style, and have wound up in a league of their own. Musically the melodies have more in common with the darker psych melodies of Can (“She Brings The Rain”), Os Mutantes (“Ave Lucifer”) and perhaps even Pink Floyd at their moodiest. “Sick of Love” transports you, grinning, through a maze of sunshine, nitrous oxide and mushrooms, then crescendos and climaxes into a wall of gorgeous-yet-hateful mid-tempo feedback driven fist shakers a la the Jesus and Mary Chain, reminding you that this is more about just being pretty. It’s also about being ugly and unloved, yet strong enough to to fight against the darkness like a superhero.

J.C. Satàn will be touring across Europe in October, sharing the stage variously with contemporaries  Davila 666, Yussuf Jerusalem & Digital Leather.


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