Merry Christmas & Large-Hole Beads

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With no fairs, beaders must order their supplies online. MrBead offers a no question refund policy on returns – so you have nothing to loose!

We mail fast, right up to Christmas Eve. However, we’re getting reports of delayed orders because of slow mail – so allow for the Christmas post. See our new online shop at:


Large-Hole Beads
Jewellery Is The Ideal Christmas Present
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We get loads of people asking us what size hole our beads have, and why don’t we quote the hole-size in the listing?

The answer is that as we specialize in semi-precious, the majority of our customers’ already know that natural beads always have small holes of around 0.4mm.

Obviously, the larger the bead: the larger the hole – but if the hole was bigger in semi-precious beads or pearls, they would fall apart!

However, you can make the hole as large as you wish, but using a Beading Reamer. This is a type of file, often with diamond-coating to cut hard stone, that smooths and enlarges a bead’s hole. We don’t sell these: just Google Bead Reamer.

Countless non-semi precious beads have large holes: like wood, metal, ceramic, spacer, glass, charm, and plastic beads – and we stock lots of these. Also, many of our wooden beads have 3mm holes, which are ideal for macrame projects with hemp thread, and working with leather cord or wire.

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Also, if you want really BIG holes, we sell Donut Beads, with a huge hole in the middle.


Jewellery is the ideal present for your loved ones. They’ll think of you whenever they wear it. Grab our budget ready-made necklaces, bracelets or rings – or there’s still time to make your own. Jewellery makes a lasting gift!

Since ancient times we’ve been decorating ourselves.

After we’ve taken care of food and shelter needs, safety and relations are our essentials. Once these too are achieved, we tend to crave self-fulfillment. Around this top tier of needs, we seek a feeling of accomplishment. Jewellery serves this yearning.

Other Benefits Of Jewellery:

Our mind can change our behaviour: our behaviour can change our outcome!

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Make sure all your jewellery for others’ is boxed for Christmas. This will enhance your design, making it more appealing and professional – and as a Christmas present, it will look more expensive and easy to wrap. You can buy quality boxes on eBay.

It’s also good to sell matching sets, like earrings or a bracelet with a necklace. Every lady, young or old, loves to receive jewellery – so get making right away!


I’ve noticed some customers’ aren’t using our discount codes. Some orders are coming through without discount, despite the customer being told the code. There’s a problem here, but I don’t know what it is? Don’t pay more than is needed! It’s really easy to use our discount codes! Here’s how:

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  4. Click ‘Apply’ (button to right of code box).

Below is a screen-shot (on the web-version of this newsletter) of our checkout – you can see from the green arrow, where to enter the code. If you really can’t work it out – email or phone us for help.


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Try the new shop with 15% off all orders over £20. Shipping is free too on orders over £30 – under this UK P&P is just £2.50. International shipping from £5.

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