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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- August 2008 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia Volume 9, Issue 332 August 2008     

Church Point Car Share To Start By 19 August 2008
The introduction to the Church Point Car Share trial and the attached document that details all the information you need to join the scheme comes from the Church Point Car Share Committee
Alan Hill, Caroline Adams, Lisa Atkins, Tejinder Gill, Bill Gye, Bob Story

  • Council has now approved a trial of the scheme.
  • They will mark out two spaces in the Church Point Car Park (located just to the east of the toilet block) reserved for the car share cars —planned to be by 19th August.
  • GoGet Car Share is ready to sign up members now, so you will be ready to go once the spots are marked and the cars arrive.  
  • Council has also agreed to expand the scheme, up to 10 cars, if demand is there and we can show that we are not increasing pressure on the car park.

How it will work

The details are available from the GoGet web page www.goget.com.au  or Ph 1300 769 389

The new Church Point membership details are on their very first page!
As a special offer to Church Point members, if you join before 31st August, whichever membership plan you choose, you’ll get:

  • Application fee waived
  • 3 months free membership
  • If you join now, your membership will start to run from when cars are available at Church Point
  • We encourage you to join NOW, so GoGet know the immediate demand
Note, you will soon find the details for our scheme on the home page of GoGet’s website, click on “Promotion” and look for Church Point, under “read more”. 

By the way all car share cars are named and we get to choose the names for ours! Any thoughts? Please send ideas through to the committee, care of Alan.
So there you have it, a car share scheme for Church Point at last!
Please support the scheme and use it. We hope it will help take pressure off the car park and the overflow into surrounding streets, and so make life easier for both onshore and offshore residents.
Best Wishes from the Church Point Car Share Committee.
Alan Hill, Caroline Adams, Lisa Atkins, Tejinder Gill, Bill Gye, Bob Story


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