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New Beads:
Soft Pink Turquoise
Chunky Amber Nuggets
Fire Cherry Quartz
Smokey Quartz Fancy Drops
Spider Vein Turquoise Ovals
Large Spider Vein Turquoise
Beautiful Millefori Teardrop Beads - Colorful!
Beautiful Millefori Oval Beads - Colorful!
Large Soft Pink Jade Beads - 12mm
Pink & Black Lampwork
Rosaline Pink Lampwork
Victorian Flower Spacers
Large Chrysoprase Trapezoid
Unusual Blue Coral Puff Ovals
Large Pink Jade Wavy
10 Large Gaspeite Hexagonal Beads

Pearls and Gemstone Combinations

Bead stringing is always fun to do when you can mix it all up using different shape and size beads. I used vintage 9/0 cut beads to string between each group of gemstones on SoftFlex wire. I used rhodonite donut beads and strung a freshwater pearl in the center of each of them. In sections between the rhodonite beads, I strung the 9/0 beads and then a rose quartz 6mm bead, an 8mm marcasite pyrite bead and then another rose quartz, then 9/0 beads. I added 2 larger marcasite beads in one section and a marcasite beetle at the end. I topped it off with a small beaded bag worked in matching beads. Using a variety of gemstone beads in different sizes and shapes makes a classic necklace. Pearls always enhance a necklace. The little bag can be taken off the necklace and the necklace worn long, or double the necklace and use the little bag as a closure for a short choker. Be sure and use a bead board to lay out your necklace before stringing it in case you want to make some changes. (article supplied by a US beader enthusiast)

Make a Choker - Slip on Attachments
Make a choker with a conventional clasp as a closure. Space size 14mm fancy beads between 10 to 15 seed beads or use 4mm beads spaced between. One inch to one and a half inches of the smaller beads look good between the 14mm beads on a choker. Then you can slip attachments over one end of the choker and draw them to the front, spacing them between the larger beads. You can take these attachments off and put on other attachments. I have one ivory necklace with large beads spaced evenly between 4mm ivory beads. My attachments are ivory carvings that I can slip on and off for a different look. I also have a choker with large glass beads with silver dichroic highlights. I slip on attachments and mini purses and other items that have straps and are not actually attachments for embellishment. (article supplied by a US beader enthusiast)

Hair Rollers
are great for keeping strung beads from getting tangled. Sponge type hair rollers that have a plastic piece that clamps down to hold hair, will keep your strung beads in check. It also works great to keep thread from getting tangled.

Place the beads close to the working thread spool and roll up the beads on the thread until the cut end of the thread is the last bit to go on the roller. Then clip the roller and the strands are protected. If you have beading or bead crochet started, repeat the same steps, starting to roll the beads and thread on next to the working thread spool and continue until all the beads and thread are rolled except the beadwork and then clamp the piece. You can put the hair roller with thread or strung beads, the working thread spool and the beadwork in a plastic baggy for travel or put away until the next time you are working that project. If you are making braids freehand, you can roll up each strand on a hair roller and let out the strands a little at a time as you work. You can use them for working small weavings on a loom too.

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