Jacqueline Balderrama reads from and discusses Now in Color
at Smith College on Tuesday, April 27, 7:30pm EST
Free to all, but registration required.

And congrats are in order! Now in Color was named

"The Story of My Book"

Carol Edelstein on The Disappearing Letters

"The Story of My Book," a recurring series on our blog, chronicles some of Perugia Press's collections through the words of their authors. The second post features Carol Edelstein on
 The Disappearing Letters, resonances, rejection, and rowing. 
 Check it out on our blog.


We're also thrilled to celebrate Carol Edelstein's news of her new book, Past Repair, just out with Simian Press. For the first 25 folks who order The Disappearing Letters from our bookshop, we’ll send you a free copy of Carol’s new book as well. If you love Carol’s work, you’ll love the gorgeous new collection, and if you already have The Disappearing Letters, consider purchasing another for a gift and give yourself the gift of her beautiful new book.

"Where Is My Animal Certainty?"

A poem from Carol Edelstein's The Disappearing Letters

Where Is My Animal Certainty?

Where is my animal certainty, those good tunes 
I know but cannot carry? Someone has swept up
my terror like so much soft hair from the cutting 

room floor, made me a fat, loose braid
to tack to my hat. Go ahead and laugh 
at this ridiculous costume, but do step forward,

do tell me what to name a world that eats its own
fortresses like stale pastry, while hungry
cubs come into the cities to scavenge.

I find water, but no honey, and one wheel
that spun off the cart — not a food.
I find the best of families, clusters of fiddleheads

that face each other as they unfurl — shall we
try that? Or shall we just take sun
and be silent a while, listen

to the bees, see how
at the lip of each yellow abyss,
they do not falter in their work.

Lynne Thompson, Perugia poet and newly appointed LA Poet Laureate, was hosted by the LA Public Library for a Poetry Month event. She was joined by City Librarian John Szabo and Cultural Affairs Manager Danielle Brazell. The event was recorded, so you can view here to hear Lynne read her poetry and learn about her upcoming work and activities in her new post.

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