Compressed Air Challenge Newsletter Summer 2010

 The mission of the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) is to be the leading source of product-neutral compressed air system information and education, enabling end users to take a systems approach leading to improved efficiency and production and increased net profits.  We hope this newsletter serves these goals and provides value to you, our most important customer.  Please feel free to provide any feedback about this issue to:

Understanding Pressure Drop...
 One of the many issues that can affect compressed air system efficiency and pressure stability is pressure drop. “The first and foremost complaint I normally hear from an operator or production area is, ‘I don’t have enough pressure’,” says Frank Moskowitz, one of CAC’s advanced management instructors. “The air compressor operator usually gets the blame, but often the problem is actually a flow restriction that manifests itself as low pressure.”
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Add to your technical library...
 Our Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual is THE best source for information on compressed air systems and compressed air systems optimization.  If you are serious about ensuring your system is operating in the best possible manner then we recommend you get your copy!
See us in Plant Services!...
  We've written an article about the importance of baselining and measuring the energy consumption of your compressed air system and it was published in Plant Services Magazine.  To view the story click here
Still Not Too Late - WE Training

 We still have room for more participants in our Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems WE (web-edition), starting September 13, 2010.  This popular course is delivered over the internet and is highly rated by our participants.  Additional benefit: A free copy of our Best Practices Manual.


 We are planning future WE seminars for late 2010 and early 2011.  Stay tuned for dates.  Should you wish to be notified please visit this link and sign-up

Did You Know?

 Our world class CAC training is available in-person at a number of locations in USA and Canada. Graduates of both the Fundamentals and Advanced seminars qualify for US DOE's AIRMaster+ training.  A successful graduate of the three levels of training is designated a Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist and is listed on a special website
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