Richard Herring Newsletter
JULY 2017
Oh Fiddly-dee, I'm (nearly) 50
July is nearly upon us and my 6th decade is approaching like a freight train and I am moving to the countryside, because that's what old people have to do and I am about as busy as it's possible to be.
There's lots of ways that you can help me celebrate my impending half century and help me chip away at the massive bank loan that it was possibly foolish of a man of my age to take on. Here's what I've got for you.
Emergency Questions Book
Yes, it's finally here and if you contributed to the kickstarter then you should have yours already (though after an altercation with a postman over me filling all the postboxes in Shepherd's Bush with them I fear they might not all have made it through).
They are also for sale at (as are some nice postcards and badges designed by Leon Edler) and are selling ridiculously quickly. If you want a first edition copy you'd better be quick as there are less than 500 left and we're selling 100 a day online. We are doing another print run, but that will take a couple of weeks, so if you need it quickly then get it NOW!
Getting some great responses from people. I have a feeling this might be the funniest and most successful thing I have ever produced.
All the money from this is going towards paying for the filming of the next two series of RHLSTP, so you're getting loads for your £10.
You can also follow @EmergencyQ on Twitter for a daily question.
The new series of RHLSTP has begun and it's going really well, with two out already and a new one every Wednesday. Please come down and watch a recording or two if you can. Tickets still available for all of them, though July 10th and 24th look like they're heading for sell-outs. And still hoping for a big name on 17th.
Here's who is coming on
June 26th Dan Skinner (aka Angelos Epithemiou) and David Baddiel
July 3rd Katy Brand and JULIAN CLARY
July 10th Arthur Smith and LIMMY
July 17th Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine + TBC
July 24th Sara Pascoe and Ed Byrne.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
Remember if you become a monthly badger then you will help us pay for the series and you'll get a badge, access to the backstage interviews, a secret email and entry to every monthly draw, with some amazing prizes.
I am performing my new show "Oh Fr*g, I'm 50!" at Pleasance One at 7.30pm every day of the Fringe (except the final Sunday). You can buy tickets for it already here.
If you can't make it to the Fringe check out my previews in my gig guide. And I will be doing a tour of some kind of this show.
I am also doing three RHEFPs at New Town Theatre, Grand Hall. August 4th, 11th and 18th at  13.50. Buy tickets here.
We are very close to getting the first three of these up on the secret channel. On here you will get the full length episodes (they're all about an hour) including some good material that won't be on the 40 minute free versions (and also some less good stuff too).Kickstarter people should already have the links, but you can join them if you simply pay £15 here. There's loads of extras too, including behind the scenes stuff, out takes and bits that were too rubbish even to be in the long versions of the show.
It is a bold experiment and there's some good stuff in it, but it takes a little while to find its feet.
Everything Happens For No Reason
Channel 4 like the taster and the first script, but want me to write another script and some story-lines to give them an idea of where the series will go. Luckily I haven't got much on so I should easily knock this off in the next fortnight!
Energy Suppliers
This one is not strictly relevant to my work, but after struggling with some of the big name energy suppliers I found out about a small company called Bulb who provide renewable energy and were cheaper than the company that I had struggled to get my supply with. The customer service was great too. I slag loads of companies off so it's nice to recommend someone if they have done well. They are not paying me to say this, so if they turn out to be rubbish I will certainly let you know, but I have been impressed by them.
But if you like what they do and want to switch if you use this link then you will get a £50 credit and so will I. Which is a nice way for us both to get something without either of us having to give anything away.
But even if you don't go with Bulb, it's worth checking that you're not being ripped off by your current supplier. I was recommended this site for comparison, which is really good.
  Very much looking forward to going back to the Fringe after two years off. Can you spot me in this line up of the Oxford Theatre Group from 1987? Who else do you recognise?
Right, I'd better get going. I have a gig tonight in Oxford and have been sleeping on the sofa instead of writing it. Wish me luck