BHAF Compost Initiative
3rd January

Dear Plot Holders,

Happy New Year!!

BHAF would like to make use of unused funds and supply compost to interested allotment sites for free!! This would be organic compost from the Brighton Compost Co-Op, delivered either loose (truck load, around 1.8 cubic meters/1.25 tons) or in jumbo bags (half-ton bulk bag).

There will be some coordination required, so please collaborate with your site reps in order to make this happen.

We need to establish how much compost can be delivered, where it can be delivered to and whether it should be loose or in jumbo bags. The distribution should be organized by site reps in collaboration with plot holders.

Plot holders:
- Please contact your site rep is you are interested in free compost
- Do not contact BHAF directly, all communication should be via site reps

Site reps:
- Please let our treasurer Hannes Fröhlich (email: know how much compost should be delivered to your site
- Specify where the compost should be delivered to (specific address and place), and whether it should be loose or jumbo bags
- We also need a date/time for delivery (please specify 2-3 dates) - someone from your site needs to be at the site for delivery. This should be in March or April
- Please inform the interested plot holders of the delivery date, and coordinate distribution

Deadline for orders is the 28th of February 2018. Deliveries will be in March or April.

Happy gardening in 2018!


Best Regards,
Mark Carroll
BHAF Committee.
Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation