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30th March

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and Secret Super Powers

Race for Life Update... Super Hero Stitching... The Unicorn Quest... Stitch & Book Club... Cookie A Signing

Super Stitching greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, that you haven’t been bitten by a radioactive spider, exposed to gamma radiation or experimented on by mad scientists lately. Although if you have, we expect you to share you super hero secrets with us so that we can assist you in taking over the world with our good/evil yarny plans.

We’ve gone a bit super hero
and mythical mad this week. But the real heroes are those of you that have signed up for our growing Race for Life team. For people who have sponsored us so far, we thank you most kindly for your support. If you would like to sponsor us to knit whilst running/walking 5k please click here and be rewarded with virtual cake, warm fuzzy feelings and almost-free patterns.  

We would also like to announce the arrival of Stitch and Book for all you book lovers out there. A crack literary team named The Bookettes have been formed to organise this venture and you can find out more here.


At the last few meeting we packed out the Clarence pub where we ate Birthday cake to celebrate Emmy-Lou's age update and laughed out heads off about the evil Knitty baby. New stitchers joined us, taught us a little Japanese and a good time was had by all. 

Then at the Albert and Pearl we lounged in the quirky opulence of the upstairs boudoir where some could not resist stitching on the strange bed in the corner. Free cupcakes were devoured, a pint of prawns salivated over and Nanna’s at the Disco delivered sweet tunes to knit along to.

Stitch and Sew Many FOs! 

Details of the next meeting: 

Go on, admit it – there’s at least one project hiding away in the corner/cupboard/bottom of your knitting bag that’s almost finished, but for the minor detail of one last seam to sew, a few ends to weave in or some buttons to attach. In the spirit of spring cleaning, why not bring it along and join us for a sewing-up session? Where better to celebrate your newest finally-finished object! 

From 6pm 
Venue: The Royal Festival Hall (Ground floor. Look for the knitters. You’ll find us) 
Address: South Bank Centre 
Belvedere Road 
SE1 8XX 

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and More Pecan Pie Please

Details of the meeting after that

Join us for yummy (and surprisingly healthy) food at one of our favourite venues. If the weather is warm enough, you might even find us sitting outside! 

From 6pm
Venue: Leon at Spitalfields Market
3 Crispin Place
E1 6DW 

Map Website Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street

Stitch and in the Market for Some Knitting 

Details of the meeting after that

From 6pm
Venue: The Crusting Pipe
27 The Market
Covent Garden

Map Website Nearest Tube: Covent Garden, Embankment

Stitch and BLAM! THOCK! KAPOW!

Ever fancied yourself a bit of a stitching avenger? Lurking in the shadows awaiting criminals to make their move so you can leap out with your sticks of justice and yarn garrotte of just desserts? Sometimes wear your knitted pants over your trousers and run around singing your own theme music? 

Superheroes in Action, 13 knitted super suits created by Mark Newport, lurks somewhere in Bloomfield Hills at Cranbrook Art Museum. Apparently they are “studies in contradictions, visual representations of one man's exploration of how we are told masculinity should manifest itself.” To us they’re wicked-cool knitted supersuits.  

Still hungry for more villain-vanquishing powers? Then get your supergeek on with Handknit Heroes, the first ever graphic novel for knitters. Check out their UK suppliers for how to get your filthy paws on a copy. 

Don’t expect smooshy cute comicness either. These knitting superheroes pack their fair share of sass. As the website FAQs state: 

"Some of the characters swear! I don’t want my kid reading those words! 

First, your kid probably knows those words already and uses them when texting all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if she also learned how to spell them correctly?"

Handknit Heroes, we salute you.

Stitch and The Unicorn Quest

Hear ye, hear ye! A quest had been born. A quest for you yarn pilgrims to follow to the world's end in search of the illusive Unicorn. 

Our good friends at Fyberspates and the Natural Dye Studio have created a custom sock/4 ply yarn, with a unique and very luxurious blend of fibers, the content of which is which is a secret!  This very special yarn is simply called the Unicorn and will not be available anywhere else. Your quest is to decipher the fibers in the yarn through a series of 9 clues given over the next 9 months starting on April 1st. 

To get your clues you have to buy a skein of yarn each month for £14.99 (4-5 skeins from The Natural Dye Studio and 4-5 skeins from Fyberspates over the 9 months). You do not have to pay up front for the yarn and so there is no obligation to stay in the quest if you decided to turn back on the road to fiber enlightenment. Each skein will have a clue attached. 

There will be 9 difficult clues over the next 9 months and in order to enter the prize draw, you have to have complete and send back your 9 clue labels with the correct answers filled in. Help with your clues is available from other participants on the Ravelry board.  

With your correct answers, not only will you have eternal glory, but you will also be entered into a draw, where you can win a whole kilo of the very special Unicorn yarn dyed in the colour of your choice. There will also be several runners up prizes to be announced nearer the time. 

The true identity of the Unicorn will be revealed next January when the competition winners are announced. Read all the details and sign up for the quest here.  

Will you step up to the challenge?

Stitch and Book

So you’re a reader and a knitter. The two sides of you are at constant war. Papercuts and yarnknots all over the place. 

You sit there with a little knitting devil on one shoulder and a little book-waving angel on the other. Should you cosy up with a good book? Should you launch yourself headlong into a few more rows of ribbing? Is it possible to prop your book up with your cup of tea and read while you attempt that brain-melting lace pattern? 

In the haze of all this Stitch and Book was born. Though Stitch and Book can’t help you choose between the knit and the word, what we can help you with is: 

  • Finding people to talk about the books you read with
  • Dragging you kicking and screaming into a world of books you might not read
  • Luring you away from mind-numbing TV and into the world of mind-nourishing wordiness
  • Sharing your filthy book love with people who might love them too
  • Defending books you love to people who might not love them (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
  • Knitting all the way

Stitch and Book is an online book group based on Ravelry. If you’re not a Raveller (we’re shocked and disgusted at you for being so out of the loop!) then sign up to Ravelry to join the page-flavoured madness. Feel free to discuss the books at real life S&B meetings too if you like.  

All the Stitch and Book rules can be found at the group online. Ask one of your friendly neighbourhood Bookettes (a couple who may seem familiar) if you feel lost.

Voting for Book the First lasts till Wednesday the 1st of April. Hop along to the group and find out which books are up for voting or see our Stitch and Book blog for more details.

It’s about people who knit who love books and reading. We’re the best kind of people really. Join us. Go on. 

Safety note from the Bookettes: Stitch and Book are in no way responsible for any book/knitting-related injuries you may sustain through trying to knit and read. Remember to wear your safety goggles, gloves and appropriate headgear at all times.

Stitch and Cookie A Comes to Town

As we’ve gone sock crazy at S&B London we thought we’d throw in a mention to the fabulous hand knit sock designer Cookie A, who is having her UK book launch for her new book Sock Innovation at Loop this weekend. So why not go along and meet Cookie herself, see samples of her gorgeous socks and get 10% off her book this weekend? 

4pm - 6pm
Venue: Loop
41 Cross Street
Islington, London
N1 2BB

The event is free but please ring Loop on 020 7288 1160 to RSVP.

Map Nearest station: Angel, Highbury & Islington

That’s about it for this week. We hope any of you that went along to the Goat Race this weekend had a great time and that that the best goat did win in the end.  

Keep your eye on the blog and twitter for events that come in too thick and fast to make it into the newsletter and be sure to drop in on a meeting if you fancy a knit and natter. 

May the Stitch be with you.

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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