Presidential Candidate Ron Paul//John Hammell (and All of US) on the Edge of the Cliff

IAHF List:

Before I get to the latest on our campaign to amend S.1082/HR 1561 I have a couple of announcements about equally important matters:

1. The new Senate Immigration bill contains REAL ID provisions that could turn your life into a walking nightmare: Please go here to learn more and send a form letter to your Senators  To avoid having a microchip implanted in the back of your hand, it is first necessary to stop the REAL ID CARD that would contain an RFID chip linked to numerous intrusive databases as the long arm of Big Brother keeps trying to reach deeper and deeper into our lives. Go to the site above and fight back!

2. Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul (who has done more than anyone in Congress to help us defend health freedom) has been making a great showing in all recent televised debates! He has also hit the "third rail" with numerous bold statements that have enraged the head honchos in the Republican Party and in the CIA controlled Media because he's the only candidate with the courage to speak the truth about 911 and all aspects of the New World Order Dictatorship. Due to this, they are attempting to BAN HIM from all future debates, so I'm urging you to join IAHF in coming to his timely assistance.

Theres much you can do on a grass roots basis to help this courageous man. To learn how, please visit these sites and begin by watching any video footage of the debates you might have missed: and  Please urge everyone you know to support this man, he is the only candidate willing to take a stand against the North American Union, the FDA and Codex. I'm not from Texas, but any time I've gone to DC to do any work in your behalf, his office has welcomed me with open arms. Ron Paul is a true man of the people, a true populist and he cares about our access to dietary supplements and about ALL of our most deeply cherished personal freedoms.


This past week I've been doing a lot to help us build a bigger coalition to amend this bill, and I need your help to educate owners and managers of health food stores who are being actively misled on the issue by NPA (formerly NNFA)


Please read Byron Richard's most recent article Understanding the Threat to Dietary Supplements - Part 2 Senate Attempts Damage Control – House Braces for Onslaught

At the end of his article there is a form letter to send to your Senators and Congressmen. Please especially send it to these members of the Dietary Supplement Caucus: DIETARY SUPPLEMENT CAUCUS

Congressman Ron Paul  fax  (202) 226-6553

Congressman Dan Burton fax   (202) 225-0016

Congressman Peter De Fazio fax   202-225-0032

Congressman Chris Cannon fax   (202) 225-5629

Congressman Frank Pallone fax  202-225-9665

Please download the article and take it to every health food store in your area and urge the owner and managers to read it and to alert the public!! Tell them that back in '89 NNFA was wrong about the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act, a terrible bill that they were originally FOR, but that when their membership threatened to MUTINY, they switched their position, but by then it was TOO LATE, the NLEA passed, and that forced us to work very hard to pass DSHEA in '94 in order to protect our access to supplements.

 Tell them that today they're making JUST AS BIG A MISTAKE with their position on S.1082/ HR 1561, let them know that respected Attorney Jonathan Emord, and Certified Clinical Nutritionist Byron Richards (owner of Wellness Resources vitamin company) says the Natural Products Assn (formerly NNFA) is WRONG on this issue and that DSHEA is in danger if we don't get this amended!! They have til August recess to pass this legislation. I'll be going to the Hill at some point, but for now am trying to build a bigger grass roots coalition to back me up for when I'm there!!

You can help by forwarding this to everyone you know, and by calling your member of congress after you fax in the form letter contained in Byron's article! Please urge more people to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at theres safety in numbers! If you've been waiting patiently for stuff to come in the mail from me, I just shipped off a pile of books and DVDs today so something will be coming soon! Thanks for your ongoing support!

Your donations make it possible for IAHF to do this health freedom work:

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