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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
October 15,  2012
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Indigenous Interests Group - Film
Friday 19 October, 7.30 at 8 Florence Terrace


Letter to the Editor

I would like draw attention to the deplorable state of Cargo wharf and surrounding Leahvera bush and beach reserve. The residents like myself who walk down every day to our boats or use the beach are becoming increasingly angry and frustrated at the mess that faces us every day.

The area is has become more like a rubbish tip, as abandoned trucks, cars, old tyres, equipment and construction material is left on the foreshore and surrounding bush reserve area. Why is it that some individuals cannot pick up after themselves and treat this PUBLIC reserve with more respect? It is absolutely heartbreaking to see such a beautiful island area being treated with such contempt and lack of consideration for the rest of the community.

I would also like to address the issue of the Council rubbish skip on the wharf. This skip is for household rubbish only, NOT building waste and broken furniture. Just the other day, someone who obviously has just moved in, has left a huge pile of cardboard moving boxes (not broken down or flattened, and these could be recycled) and some old cupboards next to the skip. Why?? The Council is not going to magically clean it up!! It is up to everyone to take care of their own rubbish and dispose of it properly. Notice to tradesmen and builders: please hire your own skips, the one at Cargo is not for your commercial use to fill it up with a load of building waste so that no one else can put their rubbish in!!

We can all complain to Council for help and there have been official complaints lodged, but at the end of the day this is ultimately our responsibility as residents to look after our island. I can only appeal to those of you who “trash” the area, please show some respect to the environment you live in and to your neighbours.

These island areas are for everyone to enjoy.

Judy Readman

Water Warehouse at Warriewood is no longer !

You may have noticed that the Water Warehouse at Warriewood is no longer.

Ian is still operating and can be contacted as follows -

Water Warehouse
9913 7988   (he may be out of the office sometimes}
PO Box 1594 Warriewood  2102
email - shop@waterwarehouse.com.au
web - www.waterwarehouse.com.au

Having said that, our local good looking guy - Hebo (John Hebden) can assist with ALL your water needs including - pipes, fittings, filters and everything in between....  Hebo will look after all your needs as well as installing anything to do with water, waste water, etc.

Give him a call for a chat !

Call Hebo on 0414 802 081 or look in the PON's Western Foreshore Residents under 'Hebden'

Wanted to Rent or House-sit.

Robyn Iredale's daughter Danielle Campbell, who works in Alice Springs, is looking for a house to rent or house-sit from 22 December for a week or two. She is having an ear operation in Sydney and can't travel for some time after it.
Email address is "Danielle" <Danielle.Campbell@clc.org.au>

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