Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, !

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Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Your Dutch entert(r)ainers Mister (left),
Syl (middle) & Morpheus (right)!
Are you ready to make this the year you will learn Dutch?
Then make sure you start USING it and have your own questions answered,
instead of just learn a lot ABOUT the language in a passive way...
Last month, I went to Norway with my husband Bart to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws. I thought it would be fun to learn at least a little Norwegian, although my father-in-law is Dutch and his Norwegian wife speaks fluent English.
However, I had been so busy that all I could squeeze in was a couple of hours of Duolingo during the trip. I must say, it was fun and sort of addictive and I learned some important things,
like "ikke" doesn't mean "I (= ik in Dutch)" but "not".
But I also had to type in sentences like "I'm Norwegian" and "The moose doesn't eat the snake".
Well, certainly I am never going to use those phrases myself!
Things I really wanted to say like "Thank you" or "Hello, how are you?" were nowhere to be found in the first 10 lessons...
Plus, there was no explanation AT ALL, so after every completed session, I had more questions than when I started. Luckily, I found someone to answer my questions and enjoyed the feeling I could understand at least a few basic words.
So, at least for me, Duolingo was not helpful for learning how to use Norwegian. Next time, I'll try to find a good teacher ;-) I checked the Dutch part of the App as well, and it has the same shortcomings...
And in case you are wondering:
I really enjoyed Christmas in Norway!
We had a traditional dinner and tried to find the almond in the pudding & we danced around the tree while trying to sing along with the beautiful Norwegian songs...
It was a very special experience.

I hope you have had a great time as well and are ready for 2017!
P.S.: There is still room in the Total Immersion 2 (January 16th - 20th) and the training for the Civic Exam (= "Inburgeringsexamen", January 23rd-27th).
After that, all courses are fully booked until March 15th.
The schedule for after that time will be online a.s.a.p.
For those who have bought the Dutch Cliché Cards, there are many new on-line exercises on your special-member site!
That was it for now, tot ziens!
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Sylvia Clements, Learn Dutch Fast,