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So....... you think Usama Bin Laden just got killed eh?  (click on the link and you might think twice before automatically trusting the mainstream news spin about this or much of anything else....)

So........ you think this alleged Long Form Birth Certificate the Obamination just "released" is actually "real"? Its not, and in a minute I'll show you a lot of serious food for thought about these things and a lot besides to help you chart a course through the swamp so you and your family don't get culled by our would be UN overseers who are making a lot of moves right now via the traitorous Executive Branch of our Criminal Government- especially via the FDA and EPA...

I bet you wonder why I've got pictures of chlorella, miso soup, and seaweed up there..... and what the hell would I be shaking hands with Bill Elfo the Whatcom County Sheriff for, have I gone round the bend, am I now officially one piece short of a loaf? Seaweed helps protect us from radiation, and the whole northern hemisphere is being impacted by the disaster at Fukushima... The meeting with Sheriff Elfo ties in with the two appearances I've had before our County Council to discuss concerns about the ongoing collapse of the US Dollar and the need for contingency plans as we head closer to hyperinflation. Here in Point Roberts, several of us have been making contingency plans, you should too- more below.

My goal is to provide real leadership of a practical nature to help all of you to live free in an unfree world, to maintain your health despite UN Agenda 21 and multiple interconnected efforts to put you in an early grave.
The reason you haven't heard from me in a while is that I've been very busy behind the scenes doing things directly related to my own intended survival after the US Dollar goes into hyperinflation and we go under martial law, because thats right around the corner.

One thing I've done recently was to create this chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation  We had our first meeting last Friday night. I cooked a delicious Brisket and some baked apples and we had 11 people and a dog attend. My friend Marco was our first speaker and he told everyone all about this wonderful organization which teaches people how to grow, cook, and prepare nutrient dense foods. Through membership in it you can learn one hell of a lot of useful survival skills! I urge you to go to their site above and join! Doing so will be one of the best investments in your health and life that you could possibly make! 

You can learn about organic gardening, canning, fruit trees and foods like blueberries, beekeeping, tending chickens and other livestock, and you can learn about local sources of nutrient dense foods. Since the ruling elite are increasingly using food as a weapon for population control and societal control purposes, it makes sense to join this politically incorrect organization and fight back through it against our would be overseers!

A well researched article of mine which exposes UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI will be published in the summer issue of the Weston Price Quartlerly Journal which you can get if you join them, so I encourage you to join them and join a Chapter near where you live, and if theres not one, CREATE one the way I just did here!! Its FUN, and you will ENJOY the wonderful new friends you'll make from the effort! Get a copy of WAPF President Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions cookbook and start making your own butter, yogurt, sourkraut,kimchi, kefir, kavass and other nutrient dense foods and beverages and get into the best health of your life NOW before America is destroyed and turned into the next Weimar Republic. Got questions about WAPF? Please call them at (202) 363-4394 and tell 'em John Hammell sent you!

1. The Alleged "Long Form Birth Certificate" that our NSA controlled Manchurian "President" just "released"--- would you believe its actually a poorly done forgery concocted using Adobe Illustrator software? Heres the proof:
This criminal usurper is doing his best to destroy America so we will be forced into a collectivist North American Union Dictatorship modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship. The CIA is doing everything humanly possible to try to sanitize his image because their intention is to try to foist him off on us for another 4 years so he can complete the job of finishing us off as a nation as an insurance policy in case they haven't succeeded already by election time in 2012 in collapsing the dollar and putting us under martial law like they're trying to.
2. This most recent Psyop of Bin Laden's alledged "death" is ably shreaded by Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina whose video exposes are always impressive:

Best guess from me is that some people in high places were VERY worried a lot of people would see through the phony "long form" Obama "birth certificate" and they needed to concoct a diversion, one that would make the Usurper in Chief to appear to be "very Presidential". Can you think of a better con than (yet another) fabricated "death" of Bin Laden, a man whose death has been reported so many times that I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually laughing at us all from some tropical paradise having had plastic surgery years ago courtesy of the CIA which created Al Qaeda and even admitted it to the BBC
Whip a dollar bill out of your wallet if you're in America. See that unfinished pyramind with the all seeing eye of Horus staring out at you? The Masonic satanists who have been trying to jerk us all around intend to radically cull our numbers, and they're doing it.

The shadow government used HAARP, a gigantic array of microwave antennas in Alaska to trigger off the earthquakes and tsunuamis in Japan that caused radiation to spread all over the Northern Hemisphere. People in Tokyo are getting the amount of radiation that would be safe if they were exposed to it over a 25 year period, but they're getting that amount in 10 years. There was data on the HAARP website indicating that HAARP was transmitting a 2.5 hz signal- a frequency that will trigger seizmic activity on the day the Japanese earthquake first occurred that caused the tsunami that crippled the nuclear reactor. That data was removed by criminals trying to cover their tracks.

What would be shadow government's exact reason for causing this devastation in Japan? I think they did it to accelerate the global economic crash thats in the works now and also to spread radiation around the world in order to cull our numbers. With Japan being the second biggest holder of US Treasury Bonds (next to China), I think they caused the disaster in Japan to bring us that much closer to their long desired global totalitarian state. Their motto is "Ordo Ab Chao" (Order out of Chaos) and they CAUSE chaos in order to constantly do more to consolidate their power.

All of us in North America are being dosed with radiation that is not safe and our evil government is not giving us the information we need to protect ourselves, so I'm giving it to you here.


After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in    the rate of stillborn children increased by 286% in Washington State (compared to an 85% increase in California). The reason for the worsened situation in Washington State is that we get a lot of rain here and it carries radiation that is up in the jetstream down to our groundwater and soil so crops absorb it.

None of us are being told the truth right now about the amount of radiation we're being subjected to- the Japanese and US media have not been providing truthful information. In Tokyo right now people are being subjected to a level of radiation that would be safe it they were exposed to it over a 25 year period, but they're getting that amount in 10 years, and people all over North America and other parts of the northern hemisphere are also getting a massively increased dose. Unless people make an effort to protect themselves, we'll see a massive increase in cancer, stillborn children and birth defects from this- but there are things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Chlorella, Spirulina, Nori, Kelp and other seaweeds will all help detox radiation. So will Miso soup and so will ingesting bentonite clay.
I've compiled a lot more information on all of this, on good sources of these products and how much to take that I'll gladly share with you in exchange for a donation of $25. or more that you can send to IAHF via paypal or by sending a check or money order to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281

I wanted to get a better sense of who he is and how he might respond in the event that we had a collapse of the US dollar and martial law. I wanted to see if he shares my concerns as expressed in writing and via two appearances to our County Council.
If you go to the link above you'll see that the Bellingham Herald published my comments to the County Council and that this spurred 67 comments, some of them quite instructive and useful, the rest reflecting the sort of denial about whats happening in our country that you'll find most anywhere as we hurtle towards financial collapse.
Interestingly, Sheriff Elfo wasn't laughing. He shares all of my concerns, and was glad to hear a group of us in Point Roberts are actively preparing. That meeting I mentioned earlier of the Weston Price Chapter I started here was held at Heart House, a venture started in a central location on our main street by Craig Jacks, who just retired from being the Head Lifeguard of the City of Vancouver (BC Canada).
Craig shares my concern that we could soon find ourselves plunged into a martial law situation due to an economic collapse. He leased a house with an option to buy that we're using as a drop in center, as a community focal point so everyone here can get better connected. We've planted a garden at Heart House, and we're planting 30 fruit trees to add to the numerous fruit trees already on the property. We've had 300 blueberry bushes donated that we'll be planting, we're going to build a chicken coop and put in a beehive. From Heart House we will be teaching permaculture and other survival skills so we can all grow a lot more food here. We intend to start our own alternative currency as a buffer for when the dollar crashes, and we'll be working via Fourth Corner Exchange for this purpose.
Our goal with this venture is to create infrastructure that will help in our mutual survival should we go into hyperinflation because we can see from what happened after Katrina in New Orleans that we sure can't count on FEMA to help anyone, they do the opposite.
I have urged Sheriff Elfo and his Deputies to join Oathkeepers, and I urge you to ask your Sheriff to do the same. Please see their information about Operation Sleeping Giant. I urge all of you to emulate some of the things we're doing here in Point Roberts in your community for the sake of safety given whats going on in the world around us.
Friends- Due to inflation making it very hard for me to make ends meet, I've been living off my chicken eggs, garden, and food storage. Your donations are critical for me at the present time if I am to continue running IAHF and providing you with alerts such as this one. For a donation of $25. or more I'll send you specifics on substances that can help protect you from Fukushima radiation. For a donation of $50. or more I'll add in several specific tips on things you can do to raise awareness of the need for people to prepare for the coming financial collapse in your area. Please help IAHF so we can continue to be there for you with information you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Together we can stay safe DESPITE the ruling elite's efforts to cull our numbers! Checks and Money Orders can also be sent to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281
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