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IAHF List Popular radio talk show host and web host Jeff Rense has just posted an urgent alert of mine at http://www.http://www.rense.com/general38/supp.htm

The Alert is titled

Please email him at webmaster@rense.com THANK him for posting this timely alert, and URGE him to put me ON THE AIR so that I can get a message out to his millions of listeners urging donations to the Alliance for Natural Health so that they can file the lawsuit necessary to overturn the EU Food Supplements Directive, and to continue their fine lobbying against the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, and the Pharmaceuticals Directive (details at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

The reason I need your help with this is as follows: ever since my article in Life Extension Magazine in '96 was the first to call the Codex vitamin issue to consumer's attention- massive efforts have been made to shut me up, to marginalize me, to do spin against my message so that no one in the American dietary supplement industry will pay any attention to what is going on.

Jeff Rense's assistance is needed to move PAST this spin. Every time an NNFA member such as a health food store owner, or supplement manufacturer in the USA starts to wake up due to something of mine he read, or due to someone on my distribution list educating him, all too often they have called NNFA's front office for verification, and what NNFA does is to send out a spin article that they published against my message in September of '99. This spin piece tells NNFA members what they want to hear (that this is a "non issue", that they should "go on back to sleep" and that "we're taking care of it, so don't worry."

One of the things they're being told is that IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) is "protecting them." They've been led to believe that this umbrella group of vitamin trade associations from around the world "has their best interests in mind" when in reality, the evidence at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com shows that they're doing the diametric OPPOSITE of what they've conned the industry into THINKING They're doing!

(They kicked NNFA New Zealand out of IADSA, leaving New Zealand to their own devices as they attempt to ward off harmonization to Australia's horrible regs which just enabled the TGA to fraudulently recall over over 1600 products, despite not producing a single product assay to prove any danger. Then again, IADSA's chair is an employee of PFIZER, the world's largest drug company, so what can anyone really EXPECT?

Please help defend your access by emailing Jeff Rense c/o webmaster@rense.com and ask him to put John Hammell on the air to discuss the urgent info that he just posted on his site at http://www.http://www.rense.com/general38/supp.htm

The life you save could be your own. If you haven't yet donated to the ANH lawsuit, any amount, even a small amount will help- and you don't have to do a wire transfer, you can donate over the web via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Also, please consider donating to IAHF to help me keep in motion with this work and alerts such as this one- even just a small donation to let me know you care means a lot to me. Donate via http://www.iahf.com see paypal button or send one to IAHF POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA

Please forward the alert from the Rense site to others and urge them to snowball it and to sign onto the IAHF email distribution list via http://www.iahf.com We CAN and WILL defeat the Pharma Cartel! We're gonna do it the old fashioned way: ANY WAY WE CAN! Send me a quick email to let me know what you are doing to help so I will know!

Many Thanks,
John Hammell
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World