Congressman Henry Waxman Tries to Pull a Fast One on Dietary Supplement Consumers as a Favor to his Big Pharma Paymasters....

 ANH-US President Hunter Lewis....  

former Trustee- Rockefeller Brothers Fund....

(Is he REALLY on our side??? Hard questions asked within....)

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Yet Another Threat to Supplements on Capitol Hill- WHAT TO DO

The threat of a regulatory stranglehold over dietary supplements has intensified.

Earlier this year, Sen. John McCain introduced a bill that would have given the FDA draconian new powers. A citizen's revolt ensued that caused that bill to be sidelined. We are being watchful that Sen. McCain does not try to slip some of his oppressive original proposals into another Senate bill.

The urgent issue we face today is language Rep. Henry Waxman snuck into the already passed
Wall Street Reform Bill (H.R. 4173) that he hopes to get into the Senate companion bill. This language would give unelected Federal Trade Commission (FTC) bureaucrats arbitrary authority to impose crippling requirements that will drive up the costs of supplements or remove them from the market entirely.

It is imperative that consumers email their Senators to keep this language out of the Senate version of the Wall Street Reform Bill and out of any later version voted on by the House and Senate. 
Learn more about this insidious threat which would allow the FTC, a rogue agency every bit as dangerous as the FDA which they work very closely with to literally make their own laws without any approval from Congress.
*** One important caveat on Mike Adams article referenced above: IAHF does not recommend anyone join the Alliance for Natural Health which he references in his article. You might wonder why given the fact that they are alerting the public regarding this current threat.
Despite many good things ANH & ANH-US are unquestionably doing, IAHF is very concerned that the organization is being micromanaged both in the US and UK by ANH US's President, Hunter Lewis, a man with deep pockets who openly states in his bio that he was a  
Trustee for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and who lists numerous additional affiliations with NGO organizations that have been pushing Rockefellers population control agenda through such means as UN Agenda 21, the Law of the Sea Treaty and other globalist measures that threaten the sovereignty of all nations including the USA. See"Rockefeller and Mass Murder".
IAHF would like this man to agree to participate in a conference call on which he would provide total transparency regarding his views on sovereignty issues, especially in light of the threat posed to the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act by the Rockefellers determined efforts to usher us into a North American Union Dictatorship patterned after the EU. Has Mr.Lewis now turned against the Rockefellers population control agenda, or is he only pretending to oppose them?
Thus far, ANH-US has ignored IAHF's call for transparency regarding this and it remains very disturbing to us that the organization categorically REFUSES to address such pressing issues as the dire need to get congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter via which FDA has already created the framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regs for Canada, the US and Mexico as if a North American Union Dictatorship modelled after the EU was already in place.
ANH-US has categorically told me that they "would never" oppose Amnesty for the 11 Million plus Illegal Aliens (nation destroying legislation). How can we defend DSHEA if we fail to oppose measures intended to systematically dismantle America so we will be merged with Canada and Mexico into the Rockefeller's desired NAU Dictatorship?IAHF strongly endorses Number's USA's dogged efforts to oppose the New World Orders efforts to destroy our borders. We can't defend DSHEA, or any of our other laws if we fail to defend our borders.
America is currently dangling by an economic thread on the verge of total financial ruin. Amnesty for illegal aliens would break our economic backs allowing millions of illegals to get on public assistance, welfare, food stamps, and now this new so called "Healthcare" legislation which is the antithesis of health freedom- the opposite of people taking responsability for their own health.
IAHF is very disturbed by how ANH-US handled the recently passed Healthcare legislation (also grossly unconstitutional nation destroying legislation)......
Initially, ANH-US went through the motions of "opposing" it (but not for any of the right reasons), then, after it was shoved down our throats, when the dire need remains to do everything humanly possible to BLOCK its implementation, they would have the public believe it is suddenly "ok" due to an utterly superfluous amendment they got which (very theoretically) "assists" alternative medical practitioners. I'm not the only one who feels outraged by this spin ANH-US has put on so called "Healthcare" which especially if coupled with Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (which they categorically told me they would "NEVER OPPOSE") is NATION DESTROYING legislation.
In other words, is ANH-US truly a group we can trust? The Rockefellers love to get their tentacles into everything, have they gotten them into ANH, and ANH-US? In the absence of Hunter Lewis agreeing to a conference call for the sake of total transparency regarding his past affiliations with these people we can only attempt to read his intentions through the organizations actions.
It is possible that he has turned AGAINST their globalist agenda, but if he has, why aren't ANH-US opposed to Amnesty for the 11 Million illegal aliens, and when I urged them to tell the public about Van Irion's class action lawsuit to overturn so called "Healthcare" on constitutional grounds, why aren't they telling the public about it? Nearly 30,000 people so far from all 50 States have signed on as plaintiffs in this lawsuit, but ANH-US won'te tell people about it, so I urge you to alert all your friends because it takes only seconds to sign on and register your total opposition to this unconstitutional supposed "law".
If we fail to defend our borders, and fail to defend the constitution, DSHEA will be destroyed via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter through which FDA has already created in order to usher in Codex via regional harmonization. Neither ANH, nor ANH-US (which is now micromanaging ANH) have done a thing to assist IAHF in addressing the enormous threat to DSHEA posed by the FDA's TCC.
I am reaching out to the Tea Party movement to help remove all the members of the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee (especially Chairman Bart Stupak) because they're all awash in Pharma PAC donations and they've blocked my efforts to get congressional oversight on FDA's TCC.
Stupak's infamous waffling on the abortion issue during the final moments of the Healthcare debate has cost him his job. He has announced his retirement realizing his gross lack of principles make him unelectable.
I need your help to contact all congressional candidates running against members of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee to alert them to the fact that they can get VOTES by opposing corrupt entrenched incumbents who are awash in Pharma PAC donations and who have opposed IAHF's efforts to get congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
We especially must drive Dingell, Waxman (Democrats), and Burgess (Republican) from office:
Burgess received the vast majority of campaign donations from mainstream medical PACs and Big Pharma  
So did Waxman and Dingell. We need to put all members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee under a microscope in in several cases should help their opponents by emphasizing the power of the health freedom issue. I could use help locating all of these people's opponents for the upcoming election if some of you want to help me sleuth this out:
Bart Stupak, Michigan, Chairman
Bruce L. Braley, IA, Vice Chair Michael C. Burgess, TX, Ranking Member1
Edward J. Markey, MA George Radanovich, CA
Diana DeGette, CO John Sullivan, OK
Mike Doyle, PA Marsha Blackburn, TN
Jan Schakowsky, IL Phil Gingrey, GA
Mike Ross, AR Parker Griffith, AL2
Donna M. Christensen, VI Robert E. Latta, OH3
Peter Welch, VT Joe Barton, TX (ex officio)
Gene Green, TX
Betty Sutton, OH
John D. Dingell (ex officio)
Henry A. Waxman, CA (ex officio)

Please read Dr.Rath Foundations recent release: The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU  This well documented book is a must read for all dietary supplement consumers world wide.
ANH has announced an intention of filing a lawsuit against the EU's Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive.
Dr. Rath won't contribute a cent to this lawsuit because he understands enough about the EU's history to realize it is totally corrupt so such a lawsuit has zero chance to prevail.
The question must be asked: Why is ANH lying to the public, claiming a non existent "victory" over the EU Food Supplement Directive, when the sad reality is that they lost this legal battle, and had to pay court costs to the EU?
Given the impossability of winning another legal challenge in the same corrupt EU Court of so called "Justice" wouldn't ANH just be diverting grass roots donations into a black hole via fund raising for another "legal challenge" that has zero chance to succeed?
Shouldn't the members and even the Board members of ANH and ANH-US start asking some very hard questions about all of this especially pertaining to the aforementioned gross conflicts of interest that appear to surround Hunter Lewis? (Orthomolecular physician Damien Downing MD quit the ANH Board over this, perhaps more of their Board members should start asking hard questions....)
Rather than pitch money into a black hole in Europe- wouldn't it make far more sense for the global health freedom movement to do everything humanly possible to defend DSHEA beginning by doing everything humanly possible to defend the US Constitution, and US Sovereignty?
Does it really make sense for us to allow America to be plunged down the same slippery slope the EU is plunging down now as we witness the Greek economy imploding?
Shouldn't we utilize the momentum we have right now via the Tea Party to try to drive out all Pharma controlled members of the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee that have blocked us from getting Congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter?
Shouldn't we back all efforts such as Van Irions to overturn "Obamacare" before it breaks our backs as a nation? Nearly 30,000 citizens from all 50 states have signed on as plaintiffs including me. Please urge all your friends, family and relatives to sign up- takes 5 seconds. ANH-US won't lift a finger to tell anyone about it or to do anything else to block its implementation even though we know its very possible to do this- we proved that by blocking implementation of the REAL ID ACT which theoretically "passed into law" in '05....
IAHF is going out on a limb asking hard questions that need to be asked. We don't have a former trustee from the Rockefeller Brothers fund with deep pockets funding us, but we're not afraid to ask hard hitting questions about ANH and ANH-US that we think demand answers.
With your help, I can do things like put food in my mouth. I just paid 3 years worth of back property taxes so I could keep my house... IAHF needs your prayers and support. Please urge more people to sign onto the IAHF email distribution list
Please help me research who the opponents are of the members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee so we can urge these people to utilize the health freedom issue when running for Congress. In the fall, we're going to save America from its Rockfeller planned destruction by rallying around the Constitution.

If you are on the Board of either ANH, or ANH-US, please contact me. I need your help to address the gross conflict of interest discussed above.
It is possible that Hunter Lewis may actually be persuaded to turn against the Rockefellers. If he really truly cares about health freedom the way he claims to, he won't continue with the sort of spin he's been disseminating, and he'll start truly defending the constitution. He'll start opposing Amnesty for illegal aliens if he' s for real.
He'll join IAHF in urging support for all actions intended to block implementation of so called "Health Care" legislation. He'll agree to do a conference call so we can all ask him some penetrating questions about his past Rockefeller associations.
So far, ANH-US appears to have no interest whatsoever in creating this sort of transparency and that is very disburbing to me.

If you are a dietary supplement consumer and appreciate IAHF's tireless efforts to get at the TRUTH, and our unwillingness to lie to you through spin, please donate via paypal or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA.
If you are the ceo of  a dietary supplement company, IAHF needs more regular clients. Please contact me at 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time. We're not just going through the motions of defending DSHEA, we're REALLY defending it.

Thank you, and God Bless. Together, we WILL save America from the Rockefeller's nefarious efforts to dismantle our country. We WILL DEFEAT TYRANNY & The Ruling Elite's Eugenics and Population Control Agendas.... Never ever EVER EVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!