IAHF List: This article "Chemicals Within Us" provides serious food for thought about the chemical onslaught we're all undergoing in today's world. How can we protect ourselves from the flame retardants in our clothing and mattresses? From carcinogenic food additives? From chemtrails? From toxic cleaners? From smog? From medication?

In our homes, we take out the garbage regularly and dump it, we do "spring cleaning" in which we clean out our garages, attics, basements, and clear our clutter to create breathing space and a healthy environment in our homes. A wise person makes a similar effort to detox their bodies, and a good time to do this is with the change of seasons.
Winter is giving way to spring. During the winter, when the average person is more sedentary, toxins build up in our liver, kidneys, and cells! We put on weight when we're less active, we weaken our immune systems, putting ourselves at much greater risk of getting cancer and other degenerative diseases. None of this is good for our health, but we can counteract it!
We're more active as the weather warms. This is a perfect time to do a fast, and also to use organic sulfur to flood our bodies with oxygen which pushes the toxins out so that we don't get cancer and other degenerative disease which is running rampant in our society.
I am very conscious of this because I've had two uncles die from brain tumors. Both grew up in New Jersey, the most industrial state in America. My father was once on the Rutger's University Crew and he fell in the Raritan River, one of the most polluted in the country. He got a disease that was named after him, something medical science had never seen before.
I spent 4 years locked up in mental hospitals before my life was saved 35 years ago via orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode involving the use of micronutrients after mainstream medicine almost killed me via toxic "medication."
This whole experience made me very conscious of the basic fundamentals of good health which are not difficult to practice, and which pay big dividends.
In all my years of taking supplements, no single product has helped me more than organic sulfur. As a kid growing up before I had any awareness of alternative medicine I used to get allergy shots and got to an allergist regularly. I had a very weak immune system with very frequent colds, flus, brochitis, inner ear infections and allergies.
I had no idea what was wrong, much less what to do about it.
One big cause of allergies is leaky gut syndrome- where you can't properly absorb the nutrients in the food you eat due to overproliferation of the opportunistic yeast candida albicans which takes over your small intestine allowing undigested food particles to escape into your blood, and brain, some of which are neurotoxic.
This can cause a host of health problems including allergies, depression, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, even autism. You can learn more about how to address this problem by reading Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. McBride.
I was able to heal and seal my leaky gut so that now I can utilize all the nutrients in the food I eat. This, and sulfur helped me to get my health back more than any single thing I've ever done. I was able to reduce the number of supplements I use, so in the end, taking sulfur helped me SAVE money!
By reestablishing the sulfur cycle in your body, you can get off every single toxic Rx drug you can name. I've had customers get off antidepressants, heart medication, everything just by learning some basic fundamentals of good health like the things I'm discussing here.
Are you overweight and feeling a lack of energy? You need to get more oxygen into your cells, and the easiest way to do that is to take sulfur which opens up cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood in, pushing the toxins out!
As winter gives way to spring, do yourself a favor and take out the trash by ingesting sulfur! Get ready for a great season outdoors in which you aren't plagued by allergies!
MSM dissolves in many organic and inorganic compounds. Bound to the mucosa and split into an electron deficient group CH3SO2., MSM reacts with toxins, affects inactivation and speeds excretion. Furthermore, MSM enhances the permeability of cell membranes, making it easier for nutrients to be taken up by the cells, and waste products to be eliminated. Practically speaking, MSM drastically increases the ability of cells to excrete toxic waste products.

Many health practitioners working with MSM will state that it is the most powerful detoxifying nutraceutical or pharmaceutical agent they have ever worked with.

A recent example shows the dramatic detoxification action of MSM. A young artist sought help in a psychiatric institution for severe mental complaints. Antidepressants worsened his complaints to such degree that he decided to look for alternative care. Microscopic examination of his blood using the Life Blood / HLB test showed that the man suffered from heavy metal poisoning caused by the paints which he used in his art work. This person subsequently sought the help of various traditional and alternative medical professionals who prescribed various pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic and orthomolecular detoxifiers as well as bioresonance therapy. After one and one half years of detoxification the blood picture had somewhat improved, but he still exhibited severe toxicity symptoms (Figure a).
           Figure a                                                    Figure b  
One and one half years later, his blood had improved somewhat but his basic complaints had remained unchanged. On the advice of the author, this man stopped taking the medications received so far, and was put on high dosages of MSM (15 grams/day), supported by weekly Ayurvedic sweat baths to stimulate waste discharge. Two months later a microscopic examination showed that his blood had returned to normal (Figure b), and he indicated that, for the first time since seeking treatment, he had noticed a significant improvement in his condition.
This spring, start drinking sulfur water twice a day! You will have more energy, be able to exercise more with more stamina, aches and pains will diminish, you'll feel happier, be able to lose weight easier, and it will help you to jettison a lot of toxins from your liver, kidneys and cells markedly reducing your changes of getting cancer and suffering from other degenerative diseases!
If you conduct a fast at the same time, you'll really be protecting yourself! It is amazing to me, but most people take far better care of their cars than their own bodies.People change the oil regularly, but neglect basic health maintenance for their bodies. With cancer, diabetes and other illness running at epidemic rates in our society, can we really afford to not pay attention to fundamentals of good health like this? We are living in a toxic soup between chemtrails and billions of toxins in our environment, many of which have never been properly studied.
Wise are they who change with the seasons, and wise are they who ingest sulfur water twice a day!
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