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May 2008 - Meeting Reminder

May - Spring/SummerIn This Issue:
1 - Our Annual General Meeting - May 27
2 - Our Executive Board Nominations
3 - Your Subscription & Privacy


Annual General Meeting - May 27, 2008

Date: Tuesday - May 27, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM - Dinner (See Details Below)
7:00 PM - ISA Hamilton Section Annual General Meeting (See Item 2 Below)
7:30 PM - Membership Meeting & Technical Presentation
Venue: Burlington Art Centre
1333 Lakeshore Road - Burlington, Ontario

Follow this link for a map and directions to the Burlington Art Centre
Seating is limited. You need to reserve your space for dinner and
confirm your attendance via:

- Submitting the online Attendance Confirmation form -or-
- E-Mail message to Jack Vincent -or -
- Telefax sent to the attention of Jack Vincent - (905) 333-4976
Dinner: The Ontario Lakeview Buffet - Catered by Pepperwood's -  http://www.pepperwood.on.ca/
Meal will be served at 6:00 PM
 - Pepperwood Bread Basket with Butter,   - California Green Salad
 - Tender mesclun greens tossed with spaghetti vegetables olive oil
    and aged balsamic vinaigrette
 - Greek Salad with Feta and Black Olives,    -  Farfalle Primavera Salad
 - Crudite Platter with Pepperwood Dip,    - Rosemary Roasted Chicken
 - Roast Striploin,    - Seasonal Vegetables,    - Roasted Potatoes,    - Fresh Fruit Platter
 - Assorted Decadent Pastries,    - Coffee & Tea Service
 - House Wine to be served with Dinner,    - Cash Bar
ISA Member = $20.00/per person (same price for ISA Member’s guest)
Non ISA Member = $30.00/per person
Subject: "Collaborative Thinking"
  Randy ParkThinking is challenging enough when we do it on our own - but when we add other people, be they bosses, co-workers, or spouses - well, you better have a good idea of how to proceed. Randy Park is a professional speaker and author who studies how people think and make decisions, both individually and collectively.
In this entertaining, thought provoking, interactive session you will see why:
the people we learn the most from - if we let ourselves - are the people we like the least
....how to get other people to understand your viewpoint (including your spouse)
....a practical technique for pulling a group of people together so they're headed in the same direction
....why "tolerating" diversity sells it short - it should be championed
....as well as identifying aspects of your own thinking that are effective and sometimes not so effective.
You'll leave with action steps to help you make better decisions with fewer mistakes at work and at home. You will also leave with one of Randy's books or DVDs. Bring your partner, guests and your friends to this special wrap up to the ISA Hamilton Section's 2007/2008 season.
Speaker: Randy Park     -     Thinking For Results
  Randy ParkRandy Park has spoken at several ISA Hamilton Annual General Meetings. He works with people and organizations to help them perceive their situations more accurately and develop effective approaches for now and the future. Randy is an expert in how people think, make decisions, and communicate.    Randy holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics. He worked creating world leading technology products before his interest in thinking was sparked when he observed that even brilliant people sometimes do some not-so-brilliant things.    Randy has spoken to thousands of people across Canada, in the U.S., and in Panama and Turkey. He is the author of the book "Thinking for Results - Success Strategies" and the upcoming book "The Prediction Trap

Our very special Thanks and Appreciation to our sponsors for this Annual General Meeting

  eWerks Inc.
eWerks Inc.
Professional Project Services
Professional Project Services


Executive Board - Nominations - 2008/2009 Season

We have received the following nominations for the 2008/2009 Season's Executive Board.  These positions will be ratified during our Annual General meeting - May 27, 2008.

President Jack Vincent
Vice-President Wally Nickel
Secretary Jerry Gelata
Treasurer Alice Kelly
Membership Sunil Karandikar & Steve Sterczer
Program Jack Vincent
Education Steve Sterczer & Sunil Karandikar
Newsletter Robert Plaschka
Exhibition Alice Kelly
Standards & Practices Glen Taylor
Honours & Awards Michael Bovenkamp
Historian Bob Popek
Webmaster Wally Nickel
Golf Tournament Bob Popek
Parliamentarian Kenneth Hamilton
Marketing & Advertising Ashok Saha

If you're interested in a more active role and increased participation as part of the ISA Hamilton Section's Executive Board,  please contact any one of the current executive board members and we'll be pleased to include your name in the nominations


Your Subscription & Privacy

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