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Over the past few months of watching the Canadian Parliament on www.cpac.ca I've become as intimately acquainted with this snivelling pack of demented conniving double talking bilge lickers as I have with the equally evil American Con-gress. The only thing different is the Canadian Parliament are so damned polite it actually makes 'em even MORE sickening because they just don't get properly rowdy the way you'd really like to see!

Harper expects them to debate C-51 today, Friday June 20 just before they head off for summer vacation.

Your mission, Canadian vitamin consumers, should you feel ornery and appropriately pissed off enough to accept it, is to do the following.

1. Watch this clip of Howard Bealle's classic rant from the movie "The Network" in order to "channel Howard" (as he's yelling "I want you to GO TO YOUR WINDOW, OPEN IT, and I want you to yell "I'm as MAD AS HELL & I'm NOT Gonna TAKE IT Anymore!") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dib2-HBsF08

2. Go to www.stopc51.ca and call your MPs office, use the best argument you can make tying the info on this site in with your own PERSONAL REASONS for not wanting this bill. Get all your friends, family and neighbors to call theirs. Complain vociferously in an appropriately polite Canadian manner is if scripted by the overly polite bilge lickers in Parliament, only with a definite ANGRY EDGE to your voice, more than they typically hear because you want them to REMEMBER how angry you are now til they come back in October after summer recess is over...... Because you can bet your butts this bill ain't goin' anywhere.

They'll hope they can just OUTLAST our coalition of enraged people, so all summer long this issue is gonna be an ONGOING TOPIC of intense discussion wherever you link up with family and friends across every Province. (And any of you in the US, UK, AU, NZ, SA, or anywhere ELSE in the WORLD who have friends, family or relatives in Canuck Land, I want you to strongly URGE them to keep this issue alive because its all for ONE and ONE for all against CODEX, doesn't matter what country you're in anymore!

3. 'MERICANS- Josef Mercola has a much bigger audience than I have and we need his help so he'll see the issue of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico http://www.fda.gov/oia/charter.html  I am annoyed that the FDA website for this garbage is ranked higher on the Google Search engine than my petition against it is: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/congressional-oversight-needed-to-stop-fdas-trilateral-cooperation-charter  and we need to rectify this----- so I want huge numbers of you to go to the petition site and to this site of mine http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm  because once we get more traffic to our sites than the FDA has to THEIRS, THEN I'll start going back to DC to push directly for Congressional oversight again, and I guarantee I'll get more people listening than the last go round! Hell, if Mercola helps, we should be able to get the Oversight Hearing thats been eluding us so far!

HOW TO GET MERCOLAS ATTN, People Worldwide, Please Help:

He just did this article on C-51, Vitamin C To Become Illegal in Canada? http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/06/19/vitamin-c-about-to-be-made-illegal-in-canada.aspx?source=nl and you can sign up on his site and make comments (like the ones I and others have left about C-51, (but I also told him about Trilateral Cooperation Charter as mechanism C-51 and Codex would come to USA and Mexico), but YOUR GOAL is to specifically urge him to do an article on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter geared towards helping us get oversight. Show him the interview Jerome Corsi did with me a few years ago and tell him I'll give him an update to tell him what I got out of FDA on this via Freedom of Information Act and what it means.... http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=55028

Depending on what happens in Parliament today, I might need to go to Alberta to hobnob directly with Tony Stephan and his family (Truehope Inc. www.truehope.com  to help plot the next steps which could well include a full on campaign not only to obliterate C-51, but also to seriously pressure Parliament for the abolition of the joke of an agency known by the bizaare misnomer "Health Canada"

Also might need to travel to various ridings across Canada to assist whoever is running against those MPs who have given us the most crap and who most richly deserve to have to face off against opponents who have been handed the C-51 issue on a silver platter!

I will definitly be making a trip to Parry Sound Ontario to get rid of Tony Clement. Theres a whole wrecking crew of us heading in that miscreants direction, and his opponent will be well versed on how to use C-51 to go directly for his jugular. We already have the health food stores in his riding on board with our plans, so we're not takin' any prisoners.

Any cash you could slide in this direction would really help with this campaign. I'm good and mad because I know if we don't kill C-51 deader than a doornail in Canada, its police state powers will flow into America via the harmonization mechanism of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter  so I have big incentive to want to help our neighbors. I can ride my bicycle 5 min down the hill I live on and be over the line into Canada..... and the closest health food store to me is over yonder in Canuckland, so dig deep ya'll, the SOUTH gonna RISE AGAIN cause Parliament is MUGGABLE!!!

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