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Upon the heals of the Vioxx debacle, we now have Eli Lilly squirming as the bright light of truth shines upon the fact that for years they've been covering up the fact that Prozac causes women to put their babies in the oven and cook them to death, people to become homicidal and suicidal etc- but the system is so corrupt that Prozac is allowed to remain on the market because Con-gress has been bought and paid for. http://edition.cnn.com/2005/HEALTH/01/03/prozac.documents/index.html

Meanwhile, over at the World Health Organization.... The International Programme on Chemical Safety is busy filling in the blanks on allowable potency levels for vitamins and minerals at Codex which brings me to the infamous words of former acting FDA Commissioner Robert A. Friedman


On July 7, 1997 Acting FDA Commissioner Robert A. Friedman stated the following in a speech before the Senate Labor Committee:

"FDA plans to amend its regulations and procedures for consideration of standards adopted at CODEX. This action is being taken to provide for the systematic review of Codex standards in order to enhance consumer protection, promote international harmonization, and fulfill the obligations of the United States under international agreements."
FDA/CFSAN Federal Register 62 FR 36243 July 7, 1997 http://www.fda.gov/ola/1997/319.html Speech of Michael A. Friedman.

Friedman was referring to the SPS, and TBT Agreements which Suzanne Harris covered in her talk at ACAM.

Suzanne Harris touched on this in her segment of the EMERGENCY ANTO CODEX MEETING at the ACAM Conference in San Diego which is now on the web in streaming video at
http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf/ Apologize for the poor sound quality on the initial segment with Dr.Wright. We did not have a clip on mike- and had to rely on the microphone on the camcorder. We'll be adding a navigational menu to the web based streaming video so you can rapidly skip any section you want, but its IMPERATIVE that you get more people to WATCH this and to UNDERSTAND IT.


In December, the pharma dominated vitamin trade association NNFA published a spin piece against the message of IAHF, The Law Loft, ANH and allied health freedom organizations. This spin piece (only the latest of many from this sold out trade association) was generated by Sidley & Austin, (the same law firm which represented GD Searle in the 70s when the deadly neurotoxin Aspartame was fraudulently approved for human use by the FDA.

California Citizens for Health Freedom, ably led by Frank Cuny, is attempting to awaken some key industry people to the fact that they're being led to the cliff from within, and that this cliff is LOOMING VERY CLOSE, RIGHT NOW!!

Suzanne Harris is hard at work on a detailed REBUTTAL to NNFA's spin piece, but she needs financial support that is simply not coming in.

I put the DVD "Push Back from Codex Cliff" on the web in the interests of TIME given just how CLOSE to the cliff we are RIGHT NOW, even though I might not even get my production costs back (only a smattering of you are bothering to place orders for it.)

I have been sending off copies at no charge to allied organizations and to key people who can help awaken prominent alternative physicians and vitamins companies, and it would sure help my morale right now if I had some big donations to help cover some of these costs.

If EVERYONE on the IAHF list would just contribute $100. to be split between ANH, IAHF, and The Law Loft we'd have $257,000. and it would be put to IMMEDIATE USE- here is HOW:

ANH is paying their law firm (they'll be in the EU Court of Justice on January 25th in a bid to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive), and also a top notch London based PR firm called IKON Assoc.

The PR firm is attempting to get press releases into the mainstream media to back ANH's detailed submission to the World Health Organization on Nutrient Risk Assessment. We MUST hold WHO's feet to the fire because they're filling in the blanks on allowable potency levels at Codex. ANH made a very SOLID submission to WHO that is endorsed by Dr.Jeff Bland, Alan Gaby MD and many other prominent scientists and alternative MDs, but the eugenics orients "WHO" wants to cull our numbers and they WILL unless a lot more of you QUIT acting like DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS and spring into ACTION:

Suzanne Harris and I need to set into motion a series of actions against the US FDA so that if ANH wins in court, (which they CAN with enough SUPPORT) we'll be able to CHARGE THRU THE OPEN DOOR with the second prong in our attack.

Is this to be killed by the SPIN generated by Sidley and Austin, the pharma dominated law firm which NNFA is mindlessly allowing to do spin against our message?

Its up to all of you. I need your help NOW to network this information a lot FARTHER.

Far too many of you are slacking off, not doing your fair share to ASSIST us in our fight back.

I first told people on the IAHF list about Friedman's bold comments to Congress way back in '97 when he first made them, but everyone thought I was "crying wolf."

Well I wasn't then, and I'm STILL not......

How many of you are organizing people in your local area to show this DVD to? How many of you are strongly urging the owners of your local health food stores to TAKE NOTICE of our urgent plea for assistance?

http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf/ "Push Back from Codex Cliff"

Damn this is painful, its like watching a slow motion train wreck unfolding, but it DOESN'T HAVE TO END BADLY ..... it ONLY WILL if you guys keep going to SLEEP on me.

Its NOT too late to fight back and STOP the Pharma Cartel!!

Want the DVD? Fine, send me at LEAST $15. (US) and $25 outside the US, but keep in mind, I've been sending FREE copies to allied organizations paid for out of POCKET, and I'm really feeling the pinch. I don't have deep pockets guys, I don't even have a staff here to help me run off, cut, and highlight the paper inserts that go inside the DVD covers.

I do a bunch on my paper cutter, frantically highlight them, jump in my car and drive like a bat out of hell to the Post Office.

MORE of you have GOT to start caring or I am going to BURN OUT.

TELL ME what you are doing to HELP!!! I've got a bad cold from not having a Christmas or New Years vacation, I've been doing the work of 10 people here, come on and PITCH IN!!!