Markus Rothkranz Delivering a Powerful Message of Hope to Everyone Fighting Against Codex & The NWO 

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Since I was the first to call the Codex international threat to health freedom to global attention in 1996 via an article in Life Extension Magazine, I've felt a level of emotional pain from pounding my head against the wall that has been monumental, sometimes it feels like the walls keep closing in, like the New World Order is invinciple-  but I've just discovered something very powerful that gives me the biggest feeling of HOPE that I've EVER had that together- we can DEFEAT the evil plans of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to turn this into a Prison Planet and to kill off 80% of us! They're trying to their Codex plans to block our access to nutrients, along with such toxins as aspartame, MSG and other toxic food additives combined with mercury amalgam, fluoride, pesticides and a host of other things to kill us off, but they're gonna FAIL here is why:


Please take a minute to watch this inspirational video- you'll feel both inspired and uplifted by it, and no matter what else you do this weekend, you'll be glad if you take just a few minutes to watch this:

Markus Rothkranz is an inspiration to me. His message is powerful and what he's saying is not hype. I know that its not because in the past 6 weeks I've been proving to MYSELF that its not!

Did you realize Bee Pollen contains all the essential amino acids, and more protein per pound than BEEF but with zero cholesterol? I just discovered an excellent source here in Washington State, and today the mailman brought 4 lbs of Bee Pollen to my door that I'll be dumping into smoothies for the next several weeks.

If you have allergies as I do, regular consumption of bee pollen can help diminish them markedly and can even help them go completely away!  Senator Tom Harkin benefitted so much from bee pollen helping alleviate his allergies that years ago he forced the National Institutes of Health to create the Office of Alternative Medicine enabling us to establish a beach head inside enemy territory. 

I'll be entering the British Columbia Provencial Masters Swim Meet in Vancouver in mid November in the 200 Meter, 100 Meter, and 50 meter breast stroke events swimming in the 50-55 year old age bracket. In the past 6 weeks I've lost 20 lbs that I needed to lose by eating raw foods and my energy level has just EXPLODED! From eating this way I have FAR MORE energy to fight the New World Order's Codex genocide plans, and you can have this same high energy if you just check into this stuff because its not difficult to do, and anyone can do it! Here are some good resources to help you learn more:  Staples from

I intend to lose another 15 lbs prior to our meet in a few weeks. The coolest thing about eating raw foods is that you never have any food cravings! Thats because the superfoods are the most nutrient DENSE foods on the planet, so they're power packed with vitality.


The Rothschild banking family has just dumped millions of dollars into food production in India.* The reason they're doing this is very simple as well as totally evil: Indian labor costs are a tiny fraction what they are in Europe, so this "wonderful" family intends to flood the European market with very inexpensive Indian produce for the purpose of driving all farmers in Europe out of business and off the land into the cities where they want to corral ALL of us for genocide and societal control purposes.


They intend, of course, to do the same thing world wide, but the EU is their test tube. So, if you live in Canada, the US or Mexico you must pay attention because a version of this same scam will be brought to us here and for the same exact purpose. The ruling elite are using Food as a weapon, and the USDA has already begun the planned ASSAULT on Raw Foods in the USA by attacking the Almond Growers in California who are now required to pasteurize all almonds which RUINS them as a raw food.

Clint Miller and I are attemping right now to find some celebrities who can help us raise funds to hire a good lawyer such as Jonathan Emord to go after the USDA on this matter in the hope that we might reverse this, because we feel that this could be the thin end of the wedge...... if we don't turn this around, next they'll start irradiating and pasteurizing all raw foods to destroy the enzymes that they don't want us having access to.

I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna LET these genocidal bastards take ME down without one HELL of a FIGHT!!!

Thats why I'm breaking my butt helping Jonnie Crivello and Jim Stach organize Marches for America in opposition to the NAU Dictatorship and if you've been following my alerts, you should be aware that we'll be holding 6 marches nationwide on November 17th I need all of you to contact the organizers of these marches in order to assist them in getting  MORE people to participate!

If theres not a march near you, we need you to take the bull by the horns, to join us in spitting in the faces of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers by organizing a march to be held in your area. It doesn't have to be held at the same time as ours on Nov 17, you wouldn't have enough time between now and then to put one together that fast, but you should be able to organize one by mid winter some time if you start now, and we can HELP! We know all the steps and can walk you through how to go about getting the necessary permits, and what groups to contact to help participate. 

We must be PROACTIVE about monkeywrenching the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's diabolical plans to use food as a weapon. All of us can start doing what I'm doing now which is to grow sprouts and wheatgrass in our homes, and to learn more about gardening in order not to be dependent on the NWO for our food.

If they unleash Bird Flu or any other Biowar on us, I'll be ready for 'em. I'm gettin' alkaline, lean and mean, agile, mobile, and CALM.

I'm gettin' CALM by eatin' raw, which helps me harness my BRAIN and BODY to the greatest degree possible in order to MONKEYWRENCH their despicable plans because there is no question they intend to TRY to kill off 80% of us, but we're not gonna let 'em do this because for every action they take there is an EXACT and OPPOSITE REACTION!!

I'm pushing 110% behind Ron Paul  because as he keeps pumping his message out, its harder and harder for the Neocons to control us. Regardless of who the CIA installs on us in the next sham of a dog and poney show they have the nerve to call an "election" in '08 the Ron Paul Army is going to be there to give them the hell they so richly deserve, so if you're not already active in a Ron Paul meetup group, please join at least one group (I'm in 3 of them, its FUN!!! The reason its fun is that Ron Paul keeps building momentum and has support from ACROSS the political spectrum! See

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