This is a continuation of the series on paradigm change, in order  to  improve  the way things are taught, and how to recognize impediments to progress.
    Are we able to think  and  act  on   the merits of an idea?
    It makes sense that the easiest way to learn to ski and ride, is also consistent with safe practices.  
    How we set up the equipment, how we move in harmony with it, and how safe practices are intrinsic to the method.
     They are not just what your body can be made to do, but what it does with the least effort, because they are natural.
     But are they generally taught in ski schools?  Not always.  For instance, we put additional emphasis on the equipment set up, and use of the hands, because the feet tip and roll in relation to the hands, from a centered stance.  That's where RIDE IN HARMONY (TM) and its SHAPED TEACHING (TM) method come in.  Ask an adaptive skier or rider how the ski, and they will probably tell you they keep the skis inder them as best they can, and move the outriggers (hands) in the direction and relationship to the hill that they want to go.
      Teaching methods that emphasize foot     movement first are left to train any ACL Awareness Compliant™ methods, like "Get the hands forward when you start to fall", as an afterthought,  or one more thing to remember, if at all. Anterior_cruciate_ligament
Knee Diagram
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the four major ligaments of the human knee.
    Lynn Glazer from Panama City, Fl first told me this story.   Elephants are trained by tying them to a stake when they are young, and they pull at it constantly, until they tire.  When they are grown, they feel the tug but have become accustomed to not being able to walk away.  They could now, but give up because they "feel the tug".
    As adults we are often the same, seeing, likeing a new idea, and intuitively understanding it, then someone may say something that creates doubt, plus, they didn't think of it first.  There are a few experts at that.   And we feel the tug.   It takes a special type of person to do something first, and evaluate its benefit to the customer, the skier, the snowboarder, the never-ever. 
    Something new like What Animal Are You?(R) has the same element of letting go and trusting your instinct, and applied over a solid foundation of  universal principles, it's fun for the customer.  In one instance the same people who criticized it, copied it in training.