ICE Chief John Morton Robotically Rubber Stamps Obama's Treason- Issues De Facto Amnesty Via Memo to Staff-
Move Threatens to Force America into NAU Dictatorship Via Which We'd Lose our Access to Dietary Supplements
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See this urgent alert "Ice Refuses to Deport Non Violent Illegal Aliens" 
As you can see from this, Obama has illegally bypassed the will of the American people by bypassing Congress on the issue of Amnesty for illegal aliens.
Via yet another blatantly criminal act, the Usurper has just handed defacto Amnesty to all illegal aliens who have been arrested but not convicted of a serious crime. On August 20, John Morton, the new ICE chief announced this policy change via a memo to staff. This is seriously demoralizing government agents whose hands are now tied and who are being forbidden to do their jobs just as border patrolmen are also being blocked. Obama has also refused to build the border fence mandated by congress, and he's ordered the so called "Department of Justice" to file several (criminal) lawsuits against the State of Arizona in an effort to block them from doing what the Fedstapo REFUSES to do.
You value your access to dietary supplements? You only have it because Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and because America still exists. Whats waiting in the wings if we fail to defend America from its CFR planned destruction is one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs for Canada, the US and Mexico courtesy of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
If you've been following IAHF's reports for a few years you realize that despite more than 25,000 signatures on this petition and despite several trips to DC on my part to push for Congressional oversight on this, we've been blocked from getting oversight by members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee being paid off via Pharma PAC donations. This is another reason why I need all of you to back constitutionalists who are running against entrenched incumbents this fall- America is literally dangling by a thread right now and everyone must jump into the battle!
This is full on TREASON, and it is intended by the Council on Foreign Relations to destroy America so that we will be ushered into the planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship with Canada and Mexico.
Whats driving all of this is UN Agenda 21, a population control, societal control agenda. Please see this alert on Resist Net.
1. Join Numbers USA and utilize their Action Buffet to instantly address all pertinent issues regarding illegal immigration.
2. Help IAHF Network Via Resist Net by Joining This Group. Help me network our information throughout the other Resist Net groups by signing on to the one from your state. Via that group you can get involved in grass roots battles to remove entrenched incumbents who are ignoring their constitutional oaths. A grass roots revolution is in full swing in America to save the country, and we badly need a sea change in Washington or its all over. The writing is on the wall. Please don't leave it up to me or anyone else to cover your butt. I am telling you very matter of factly what is going on and don't know how to spell it out any more clearly for you.
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5. Write letters to the editor, put up a yard sign in your yard for a constitutionalist struggling to drive out a criminal entrenched congressional incumbent, be PART of the REVOLUTION to SAVE AMERICA! Educate friends, family, neighbors..... urge more people to watch this non partisan documentary film. There are a lot of reasons why its had more than 7 Million views, and a lot of reasons why a sea change in Congress will be occurring this fall. We MUST defend ourselves, this nation is dangling by a thread right now!