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Emotions, movement, a care-free state of mind, the sea breeze, picturesque mountain scenery, fresh, delicious food… these are just some of the things that come to mind, when one mentions summer. But for our team at Via Expo, this is also the season of active preparation of the Sofia Sport & Healthy Life exhibition.
In the August Newsletter we have included fresh news about our exhibitors and recently joined partners. They will give you an insight into the development of the Bulgarian market.
In tune with the spirit and topics of the event we are diversifying its format to make each visit and participation a more emotional and inspiring experience. With the support of Sofia Municipality (Sofia is the European Capital of Sport for 2018) popular Bulgarian Olympic champions will make attractive demonstrations on site.
If you are wondering whether you could find your place in the Exhibition, contact us for more information.
Have a very exciting and sporty summer,
Via Expo Team
Mila Vacheva, Manager at PHYTOPHARMA:
We will present new products at Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2015
Mrs. Vacheva, could you tell us about the activities of Phytopharma?
Our company has been present on the Bulgarian market for over 17 years. We are specialized in the production of effective food supplements. We constantly follow the tendencies of the market and develop new products. In 2012 we began a new high-tech development, which increased our production capacity considerably and affirmed the existing traditions in quality. Our equipment suits the current quality and safety requirements and we also incorporated the HACCP quality control system. We are supplied with raw materials by famous companies on the Bulgarian and worldwide market.

Could you present some of your products and what their use is?
From its establishment until today, Phytopharma has produced soft gelatine capsules based on oil-soluble vitamins, herbal extracts and essential oils. My team developed our own technology for capsulating water-soluble products. Here are some of our newest ones: ACED – a vitamin complex with an antioxidant effect, LuteMix – for eyesight care, Propolis – an immunostimulant, Phytodermin – containing ceramide complex as a main ingredient, which contributes to beautiful skin, etc.
Why do we need food supplements and in what combinations can they be taken?
If we lived in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need supplements. Stress, low quality food and water, pollution, the accumulation of toxins, etc., determine the need to add supplements to our enzymes for the normal work of our biochemical processes. 
Increasing physical activity requires better sport culture and motivation
Interview with Joanna Dochevska, chairman of the board of directors, coordinator of “International Affairs”, Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Please give a short presentation of the activity of the Bulgarian Sports Development Association.
The Association aims to contribute to the steady growth of physical education and sport in Bulgaria by modernising the existing sports infrastructure, as well as setting up a new one. We develop, apply, realize and coordinate national, municipal, budgetary, European, international and other projects and programs. The Association optimizes and mobilizes the human and material resources in sports and aims to increase physical culture. 
What are your current campaigns?
 “Sport near you” – a BSDA project for optimizing the network of sports clubs for children and sport for all;
“Be a Volunteer!” – a BSDA campaign to motivate voluntary activities in sport, as well as optimize the informing of current and future volunteers in various sport forums;  
Who joined our partner network? is a website, which offers exclusive information on the most popular sporting events in Bulgaria, with an accent on football news. It offers interesting statistics and prognoses, surveys, commentary and analysis, a calendar of upcoming sport events, special fan sites on the leading football teams in the country and abroad. – the most visited health topic site
The website is an original encyclopedia, which presents in an easy to understand way a number of materials on healthy living, current medicine, different illnesses and ways to diagnose and treat them.
Contact us via e-mail or on +359 32 512 900.
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