Richard Herring Newsletter
August 2019
August news - It's nothing like the Dennis the Menace Fan Club
Hello everyone
I am readying myself for two trips north (to Yorkshire today and then up to the Fringe for the 25th time next week - was meant to be doing Yorkshire on the way, but my wife is performing on the Isle of Wight this weekend)
More of that later, but first exciting badger news
The first rule of RHLSTP club
We have an exciting new extra for all badgers paying £3 or more a month or anyone who wants to become a badger now - a new membership pack.
You get a lovely plastic wallet with room for a bus pass or credit card, a fold out membership card with secret rules, code and questions for club members and two spectacular new badges (the main one is red for £3 a monthers, gold if you're paying £5 a month and platinum (grey) if you are one of the absolute heroes paying £10 a month.
At the moment you don't get anything extra for paying more - it's just what you can afford and think our podcasts are worth to you - but I might organise occasional surprise extras to be delivered every now and again.
If you're already a member but paying less than £3 a month and want to get on board then please cancel your payment and subscribe again.
And remember as a badger you also get dozens of video backstage interviews with guests - a new one pretty much every week.
Other extra videos such as the Sophie Hagen Prince Andrew chat UNBLEEPED and video footage of the fart-lighting denouement of the Rob Rouse episode
Ad free RSS feed for the audio podcasts (feel free to listen to the ones with ads if you want to help us earn more revenue)
Advanced notice of upcoming guests and a secret monthly email.
You can watch my stand up shows in the members area
There will be occasional Q and A sessions where you can ask me stupid questions to see how I like it
Plus all your money goes towards making even more podcasts.
I have been ebaying a few RHLSTP rarities and good news if you were a kickstarter backer - the RHLSTP Rubik's cube went for £92 last week
There is another of a very limited stock available now and you have til Monday to bid, but it's currently on £60. Bid here if you want it (I will chuck in a few RHLSTP extras too)
Even more excitingly I am auctioning off one of the notebooks I have used for questions and other notes in the show - it's the Wookie one, which includes notes on 38 shows and has the autographs of most of the guests from series 13 and a lot of the tour shows, including Brian Blessed (see what I would have asked him if I could have got a word in) and Ricky Wilson (it's amazing that he could write)
This will go for a few hundred pounds at least, but it's a real one off and collectors' item. Bid here
All money from these auctions goes towards making more podcasts.
You can see all confirmed guests and dates on the tour page
Coming up
26th July Great Yorkshire Fringe, York with Rebecca Callard. Still plenty of tickets - it's a slightly weird 6pm start time.
27th July Deer Shed Festival - I will be talking about the Emergency Questions book here on the Saturday afternoon. Last few tickets.
There are a few dates in September and I am going to try to book the guests within the next few days.
Aiming for the cream of the crop and there might be more than one guest per show and there might be some very late addition big name guests, so it's worth booking ahead.
It's a big theatre and so far only the weekends and the 2 for 1 day on the 6th look like they might sell out. So book early for these, but there's a good chance that you'll be able to show up on the day and get a ticket for most of these.
Confirmed so far
2nd Tony Law and possibly a bit of Phil Nichol
3rd Lucy Beaumont
4th Phil Wang
6th Vikki Stone (tickets 2 for 1)
7th Jayde Adams (probably)
8th TBA
9th Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie
10th Jen Brister
11th Tony Slattery
13th Geoff Norcott
14th Richard Osman
15th Rob Auton and Lost Voice Guy
16th Arabella Weir
17th TBA
18th Fern Brady
20th Sarah Kendall
21st Tommy Tiernan
22nd TBA
23rd TBA
24th TBA
25th TBA
Keep an eye on the tour website for more guest news.
These shows are audio only and all be released on the day or day after on audio only via the RHLSTP feed.
Loads of dates and haven't really tried to book anyone yet, but the ones with guests confirmed are
29th Sept  Richmond Theatre - Tape Face and TBC
4th November Leic Sq Theatre - Rachel Parris + TBC
11th November Leic Sq Theatre - Grayson Perry + TBC
24th November Glasgow Theatre Royal - Limmy + TBC (this one is selling fast)
Bristol and Newcastle are also sellig fast.
No Such Thing As A Fish
No Such Thing As A Fish were the final guests of series 15 of RHLSTP, but I have also appeared on their show. Listen here.
Have you checked out the new website yet.
There's even more amazing stuff if you're a member including hours and hours of backstage interviews, stand up shows, monthly draw, offers, guest news before the non-badge scum etc. JOIN US.
The Drip website will be closing down at the end of the year, but stick with it if you're a Dripster and we'll be in touch to let you know how you can make the swtich.
Still lots of stuff for non-members too though.
I continue to recommend Bulb. Renewable energy with no contract, great customer service and probably cheaper than your current provider. Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit and my £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Use this link for this incredible offer.

Thanks as always for your continued interest in my endeavours.
Richard Herring