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Welcome to our August 2019 newsletter
This is PRA Internationals monthly-ish technology and security newsletter. If you are on our list we have probably met at a business event. Or, perhaps while I was on duty, you agreed to be on the list once I returned to the business. We look forward to your feedback and hope you always look forward to future issues. Feel free to share this newsletter with co-workers who you think might be interested in or could benefit from its content.
PRA International now meets the requirements for the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) certification. As always, customer service is our priority but I hope this makes it a bit easier to do business with us. (if it doesn't what would?) With the end of the federal fiscal year approaching we wanted to let you know we are still alive and kicking, ready to assist with any opportunities.
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This falls under information security and should be old news but I hope everyone has at least heard of the Capital One breach by now. While Capital One is a respected company with a very good card used by individuals and small businesses they made a mistake with the permissions given to a Web Application Firewall. How does this apply to everyone reading this? Well, most of us download apps for our phones on a regular basis. Have you ever considered or viewed the permissions those apps are requesting? You should understand why that "great app" need access to photos, location, microphone etc. In the end, is the app worth any possible security risks?
You decide but knowledge is power!
**Please understand this was an extremely simplified explanation of the breach to make a point**
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