Hi everyone,

This Sunday's game against New Orleans in San Antonio has been confirmed for a 1 pm start. The game is not being shown on local TV, so come on down to the Harp!

We have been assured by The Harp that they'll have additional staffing on hand this week, so we don't anticipate a repeat of any previous problems. We would like to reiterate, however, that if you're not happy with anything that happens on game day, please speak to one of us (Alison, Jeff, or George), and not directly to the Harp staff. It makes it much easier to deal with problems if everything is kept streamlined. You can also send us email after the game, or submit a comment through our website. Thanks for your help.

This Sunday, we will also be joining Bills Backers from around the country in a fundraising drive for the American Red Cross' disaster relief programs. Bring a check made out to "American Red Cross Disaster Relief", with "Bills Backers of Boston" in the memo field. We're suggesting a $5 donation, but of course, feel free to give as generously as you can. We will also be taking cash contributions which will be rolled into one check at the end of the day.

There will be collection boxes set up at the Harp, just drop your donation in. The donations will be bundled up and mailed that day to the American Red Cross office in Buffalo, which will make one large donation on behalf of Bills Backers nationwide.

Let's hope the Bills can get back on track this week and climb back to 500. The AFC East race is turning into a bloodbath (almost literally!). Anything can happen - and usually does!

Go Bills!