Ft.Peck Dam- Will it Fail Causing a Chain Reaction? ..........Spillway of Ft.Peck Dam Showing Massive Release.....Flooded Ft.Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant
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The Looming Dam Failure of 2011 , an editorial by Bernard Shanks which was just published in the  
St.Louis Dispatch is a sobering warning about the immense danger of a chain reaction collapse of six earth filled dams along the flood swollen Missouri River. At 2321 miles long, this is the largest river in the United States and at more than 3 miles long, and 250' high,  the Ft.Peck dam is the largest earthen dam in the world. It holds back Ft.Peck Lake which is 123 miles long, has 1,520 miles of shoreline, and holds back enough water to equal the entire annual flow of the Missouri River!
With record high snowmelt in the Rockies, reservoirs filled to capacity and water levels anticipated to not start receding until well into August, the Army Corps of Engineers is in uncharted territory as they attempt to strategically release water from these dams without causing a collapse. (This is the same Corps of Engineers responsible for levee breaks during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans which resulted in the City being flooded and people better pay attention or cities like Omaha and St.Louis could be chest deep in water.)
Shanks, who is writing a book about the danger of the Missouri River dams, warns that if the Ft.Peck dam fails "it would probably wreck every bridge, highway, pipeline and power line and split the heartland of the nation, leaving a gap 1,500 miles wide," Shanks writes. "Countless sewage treatment plants, toxic waste sites, and even Superfund sites would be flushed downstrea. The death toll and blow to our economy would be ghastly."
Shanks based his doomsday scenario on the fact that the Ft.Peck dam is America's largest hydraulic filled earthen dam. Such dams are prone to "liquefaction" meaning they can become water logged and disentegrate if exposed to enough pressure or seismic activity. For that reason, California replaced most of its earthen hydraulic filled dams.
 Directly in the line of fire of this possible inland tsunami, 20 miles upstream from Omaha Nebraska on the Missouri River, the shut down Ft.Calhoun nuclear power plant is already partly underwater after a fire and a nuclear engineer named Arne Gunderson interviewed by Public Radio warns that it could become the next Fukoshima if a chain reaction dam collapse occurrs.
(Contrast Public Radio's very thorough reporting via their interview with Arne Gunderson, a nuclear engineer, with the way Fox news spun this story. Notice how Fox, (owned by Bilderberg Ruppert Murdoch) made no mention whatsoever of the threat of a chain reaction dam failure. Notice how Fox glosses over this story in such a way as to put people to sleep while Public Radio really gives us a lot to think about. Does this make you feel comfortable?
Knowing what I do about UN Agenda 21, the ruling elite's population control/societal control plans, and knowing what I do about the ruling elite's intention to destroy America and to force us into the CFR's long planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatoship, I don't like this situation one bit.
This could be a psyop in the making intended to put us under martial law. HAARP has been well documented by the CBC to be capable of triggering off earthquakes as well as for weather control purposes
and after 911, none of us should take anything for granted.
Jim Stone, a former NSA operative turned investigative journalist, feels that Fukoshima was an inside job. I won't comment on his controversial assertions, but with this situation looming over us I don't think we should just ignore what he's saying either because he may well be correct when he says that seismograph records indicated that a bomb planted inside Fukoshima actually triggered off the disaster in Japan. What if something similar were done to blow the Ft.Peck Dam? I remind you that the levees in New Orleans were blown intentionally in 1925 and many feel they were blown intentionally in 2005.
Right now, I'm sure that all of you reading this probably feel like you're living in the twilight zone, and that I must be nuts and the worst sort of "conspiracy theorist" saying this stuff. Prior to 911 I might have thought so also, but in today's world, with everything we're seeing all around us intended to trigger a global economic collapse, nothing surprises me and I say it pays to be prepared for anything- even something as allegedly "unthinkable" as the possible disaster that Shanks, Gunderson and Stone are warning us about here. Think of the news reports from Fukoshima..... and don't ever think something like that could "never" happen here, because it already has with Katrina and with 911 before that.
We could lobby the mainstream media to interview Shanks, Gunderson, Stone, and Army Corps of Engineers spokesmen, as well as spokesmen from the Ft.Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant and to properly inform us on this breaking story, providing up to the minute reports, but with them focusing on the Casey Anthony trial in Florida much in the same way they distracted us years ago with the OJ Simpson trial, how likely do you think that our controlled media would ever properly cover this story?
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3. If you live anywhere in the Missouri River Valley I encourage you to either move, or at least develop a contingency plan in case there is a cascading dam failure that causes a gigantic flood. Keep in mind that if the Ft.Peck dam were to burst, the resulting inland tsunami would rip downriver at frightening speed not leaving you with much, if any, reaction time. The death toll would be enormous just like Shanks warns. Given the incompetence of the Army Corps of Engineers as evidenced by the collapse of the levees in New Orleans during Katrina which put that city underwater, none of us can afford to pretend this isn't a real threat.
4. If this chain reaction dam collapse were to occurr, the resulting economic chaos of the nation being split in half by the flood would put us under martial law. I realize I sound like a broken record, and many of you could be smirking at all of this, I urge you to prepare anyway because in the world we live in today, anything could happen at any time. Just consider how things have been turned upside down in Japan post Fukoshima.... never say something similar couldn't happen here in America because it could.
In the event that something like this were to happen, all of us would need to band together for sheer survival. If you don't know your neighbors, now would be a very good time to get to know them. If you don't have some survival food stockpiled and if you're not in a safe place or don't have a personal continency plan now would be a very good time to put one together.
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