Seasons Greetings ...... Meet John Doe..... an Uplifting Movie With a True Christmas Mssg For the New Year!!
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As I reflect on the events of 2010, particularly the remaining weeks of the year, I cannot help but see the similarity between what happened to Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and what’s happening to our beloved America.
Just as when Scrooge was visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, for our country the ghost of Christmas past is best exemplified by an uplifting, classic movie I saw recently, “Meet John Doe”. The setting of the story is America during the Great Depression, and people were struggling with high unemployment, fear and hopelessness.
Gary Cooper plays an out-of-work former minor league baseball player who finds himself thrust into the spotlight by a newspaper editor and an influential, elite businessman who controlled politicians, labor groups, and the media. Despite an ethical conflict, John Doe inspired people to overcome their fear and prejudices. He encouraged people to reconnect with one another, one community at a time by forming “John Doe Clubs”.  And the idea spread like wildfire. More importantly, it brought hope and empowered the “john does” of America to transcend the hell of the Great Depression by pulling together, with neighbor helping neighbor. Please watch it at this you tube link.
Seventy years later, we are living the ghost of Christmas present as a new generation is living the Great Recession.
On December 15, 2010, Glenn Beck featured a remarkable town in Wilmington, Ohio that suffered tremendous hardship because 70% of the population lost their jobs when DHL Shipping closed. The miracle of Wilmington, Ohio was that everyone had pulled together regardless of political affiliation. Neighbors have been reaching out to neighbors, just like people did in the “John Doe Clubs” in the 1941 movie. Rotating pot luck dinners are being held in different people’s homes so that no one goes hungry. People are planting community gardens together, and are helping each other find work and create new businesses. New life is being breathed into Wilmington without government assistance. Please watch it at this you tube link. 
In the European Union, we see the ghost of Christmas future for America if we fail to change our present direction in some huge ways. We see massive rioting in the streets as citizens resent the austerity measures caused by unsustainable “cradle-to-grave” entitlements. With Greece and Ireland needing bailouts by the EU and IMF, and Spain and Portugal not far behind, we must learn from this and NOT head in Europe’s direction!
Despite our best efforts, the lame duck Congress is acting as if the Mid-Term elections never happened. The so called “Food Safety Modernization Bill” has just been rammed down our throats in the Senate and the House, and is on its way to Obama’s desk where he will surely sign it.
All of us are going to have to work very hard to urge the incoming Congress to repeal and defund, or at the very least, to pass legislation that will amend it, especially to remove language that threatens to harmonize our laws with the EU where dietary supplements are heavily restricted.
With passage of the pro-big agribusiness legislation, and the FCC ramming new internet regulations down our throats, despite lack of legislative oversight and judicial authority, we’re also going to have to fight like hell to keep the UN’s desired “Internet 2” from being foisted upon us.
It will help us a lot to pay attention to the lessons of “Meet John Doe” and Glenn Beck’s reports from Wilmington, Ohio NOW because America is about to be slammed by the worst inflation we’ve ever seen when the full impact of the Federal Reserve’s “Quantitative Easing” (QE 2) of approximately $1.7 Trillion in stimulus spending kicks in next year.
By printing money to pay our debts, our currency is systematically losing value.  The price of food is about to go through the roof, and a lot of businesses and banks will fail. As local governments collapse due to budget deficits, people who invested in high-yield municipal bonds from bankrupt states like California, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Arizona and so on, will lose their investment. This 60 Minutes Report is sobering.
 Unemployment will continue to rise. You think the number of people defaulting on mortgages and being driven from their homes is high now? We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.
My father used to tell his stories of growing up in the Great Depression over and over at the dinner table to the point where we got sick of hearing them. One time when I complained, he looked back at me with a very sad expression and said, “I really hope you and your brothers never have to go through anything like the Great Depression, but I have the feeling you probably will. The reason I’ve been telling you my story repeatedly is I hope you learn things from them that will help you if ever you find yourself going through hard times like that again.”
He had a haunted look in his eyes when he said this, and I have never forgotten that conversation. I find myself pondering my father’s words and Glenn Beck’s program about the miracles at Wilmington, Ohio, as I find myself thinking about the coming year.
In the coming year, we could be turned into the next Weimar Republic, and any of us could find ourselves unable to afford to buy basic necessities because of hyperinflation. Organic heirloom seeds and books about gardening would be very good to procure if you haven’t already. Consider joining or starting a community garden. We have one in Point Roberts, Washington where I live, and I predict that in the coming year it will get much bigger.
Skills like canning and pickling will be making a comeback. A lot more people will start raising backyard chickens the way I am. Consider buying up staple foods now before serious hyperinflation hits. Stock up on your dietary supplements. Have some food reserves and seeds ready.
How many of you even KNOW your neighbors? There couldn’t possibly be a better time than NOW to GET to know them. Don’t worry about your neighbor’s political affiliation. Invite your neighbors, friends and relatives to your house to watch “Meet John Doe” which you can borrow from your public library, get from Netflicks or Blockbuster and watch for free on You Tube. Organize a town meeting to show it to people along with Glenn Beck’s program from Wilmington OH. Please forward this to as many Tea Party groups as you can, and let me know your thoughts. The more we can brainstorm ideas on helping each other, the better off we’ll all be. There is strength in numbers and we CAN CONTINUE taking our country back- we MUST if we wish to maintain our freedom and stop the CFR’s planned NAU dictatorship!
As I see it, in the coming 112th Congress, we’re going to have to return the “gifts” that this lame duck Pelosi-Reid Congress has left under our tree. We’ll have to go to the “Customer Service” window (contacting our elected officials, voting, and actively participating in government) to return and exchange these “gifts” for:
1.     Repeal/Defund of Obamacare
2.     Continue opposing the DREAM ACT (amnesty for illegals)
3.     Undo the FCC’s illegal internet regulations with legislation
4.     Defund, Repeal, or Amend the so called “Food Safety Act”
We CAN do these things, and we CAN survive as a nation if enough of us learn the lessons in “Meet John Doe” and from Glenn Beck’s Miracles in Wilmington, Ohio. Please consider discussing these things with friends and family during the Christmas holiday. I intend to organize a community meeting about this in Point Roberts, and you can do the same where you live.
Those of us who worked so hard to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 to defend access to natural products in the face of a draconian FDA rulemaking effort that threatened to limit us to only RDA level potencies and which threatened to block access to health information about these products must realize fully that unless we increase our activism in the coming year, we’re in serious jeopardy due to the following pincer movement:
The “Food Safety” bill contains language that harmonizes us to the EU where draconian dietary supplement regulations are getting tighter with each “Directive” that corrupt collectivist body shoves down the people’s throats. Keep in mind that they’re powerless to fight back there because the European Commission which actually makes the laws is an unelected body, and the EU Parliament rubber stamps anything they decide with zero accountability to the people.
Obama’s mission is to destroy America via socialist deficit spending policies intended to cause the economic collapse the ruling elite need to force us into their planned NAU dictatorship. Keep in mind what this would mean for dietary supplements: Canada just passed C-36 which hires an army of new Health Canada inspectors just in time to attack any Natural Health Product that doesn’t have a Natural Product Number. Thousands of products are about to be swept off Canadian Health Food store shelves where only a successful lawsuit can save them at this point.
Health Canada is refusing to license over 20,000 NHPs with multiple ingredients for lack of documented proof that they are effective. Yet they knew long before the regulations were enacted there was no way that most NHP combinations would pass. (Clinical efficacy trials are rarely performed on such NHP mixtures, since they are not patentable.) Given that the most effective NHPs usually contain synergistic combinations of ingredients, it seems that getting rid of these products was Health Canada’s intention all along. And when Health Canada says they are “simply making NHPs prove their claims”, remember that all NHPs were forced to make a claim after Health Canada moved them into the Drug category.
IAHF has stood alone in sounding an alarm about the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico. In 2011 we absolutely MUST have help from more people and groups in addressing this threat. Behind our backs FDA has already created the framework for one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs for all three countries as if the CFRs desired North American Union dictatorship was already in progress.
Our fate does not HAVE to be the same as Europe’s, but if we don’t want to be herded like sheep and genocided IAHF will need help from a lot more people and groups to overcome the massive political influence of Senator Jay Rockefeller’s
Alliance for Health Reform , the group which has been blocking congressional oversight on FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter by sending members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee on all expenses paid vacations to Turnberry Isle Golf Resort in Aventura FL where they enjoy very posh three day vacations in exchange for allowing themselves to be indoctrinated by Big Pharma lectures that tie right in with UN Agenda 21’s population control plans.
The writing is on the wall, folks, but if we can embrace the mssg of Meet John Doe and the lessons from Wilmington we CAN turn things around! Our economy is being intentionally destroyed by a sadistic ruling elite who wish to control the world. We’re about to enter a period of horrible hyperinflation intended to bring us to our knees so we will beg and plead for the government to “save us”.
The way to avoid being brought to our knees is to embrace the message in “Meet John Doe” and in Glenn Beck’s programs from Wilmington Ohio. We must reach to our neighbors, band together with them and help them in the true spirit of Christmas throughout the coming year and beyond because we’re all aboard a rudderless wrecked ship being steered by Obama, Reid and Pelosi onto the reef of socialism. Its up to all of us to breath new life into the Constitution, to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and retake control of our criminal government.
As we greet 2011, let us not forget the three powerful words that our Founding Fathers gifted us, a REPUBLIC that represents us, WE THE PEOPLE. Let me know what you are doing locally to spread this message. I’m organizing a local meeting to show “Meet John Doe” and Glenn Beck’s program from Wilmington to as many people as possible. Please do the same! Act or be Acted Upon! Move, Adapt or Die! We are NOT powerless! We CAN determine our own fates in the coming year!
What you can do to help IAHF spread this Christmas Message:
1. Watch Meet John Doe, and Miracle from Wilmington- Encourage more people to as well. Both give us hope and we're going to need all the HOPE we can get going into 2011 because we're heading full tilt into a buzz saw.
2. Discuss this message with neighbors, friends, family and relatives during the Holidays and consider organizing a community meeting where you live the way I am in Point Roberts.
3. Share what you're doing with me so we can keep each other going! You are NOT ALONE- we CAN take back our country!
4. Please send IAHF a year end donation to help us make the trips to DC that we're going to need in the coming year to overturn Obamacare, to overturn FCC's new internet regs, to overrturn the Food Safety bill, and to pay for our websites. As we enter the coming period of hyperinflation, without your help I could be forced to spend all my time farming just to put food on my table. As it is I expect to seriously increase the size of my garden and encourage you to do the same! IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA...... Please repost and forward.... after remembering to delete the unsub link at the bottom so no one will click on it which would unsub you.....
Thanks for your help, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from IAHF