Enchanted Forest Canopy
Volume 1, Issue 21                                                                         April 4, 2008

In The Spotlight:

Great Adventure


The first in our "Planned But Never Built" series, the minor leagues stadium that was proposed for construction on park property but never made it off the drawing boards

Stadium Rendering

See what the readers of Great Adventure History
chose as their favorites in the

2007 Warner Awards

Winter Tour 2008
Off Season Tours, Then & Now:

Winter Tour 1982

Go back in time to the 1981-82 off season and see how the park has chnaged and improved over time, with a complete tour of the park as preparartions were underway for the 1982 operating season.


Winter Tour 2008

Follow us on a tour of the park as preparations were underway for tomorrow's opening day, including construction pictures of The Dark Knight Coaster, and final pictures of the Super Teepee prior to its removal.


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