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Thank you to all those schools who have supported DAN as financial members in 2013.  You will be receiving the 30th Issue of Dialogue Australasia journal in early November as part of your Membership.  
Alas, there are still some schools who we are in danger of losing contact with, as a result of staff changes and misplaced invoices.  We'd love to reconnect before the end of September so we can send you a journal.  If you are in any doubt as to whether your school is financial, or if you've mislaid your login details to access resources on the DAN website, please contact the DAN EO.
The 9th DAN Conference held at The Hawke Centre, Adelaide on 8-10 July seems but a happy distant memory now.  There was a wonderfully palpable collegiate atmosphere as we were both challenged and nourished in our time together.  Special thanks again to our speakers & workshop presenters and to DAN SA Exec Member, Terry McDevitt for all his work and support. 
Delegates have already been sent details of how to access Keynotes and Workshops presented (if you don't recall this email, please contact the DAN EO).

DAN Members who did not attend the Conference can now access a selection of Conference materials (with your 2013 DAN password) including:
  • RE: Realising Potential - Keynote by Jo Fageant
  • A pedagogy for thought, dialogue and values - Keynote by Nigel Fancourt
  • Jesus and Paul as teachers of critical and creative thinking - Workshop by Thomas Brennen
  • Approaches to Assessment & Testing in RE - Workshop by Nigel Fancourt

CHAPLAIN, Rangi Ruru Girls' School, Christchurch NZ
Rangi Ruru Girls’ School is an independent Presbyterian girls’ school in Christchurch, NZ. We are seeking an ordained minister to work with our Principal to lead the spiritual life of the school community.

Our current Chaplain, who leaves us at the end of the year, is also a registered teacher and as such, takes responsibility for the coordination and teaching of the religious component of the Global Living programme throughout the school. Ideally we would like to replicate the current model with our new Chaplain, but in order to get the right person for this special position the school is willing to look at other models which might not involve the teaching component.

Visit www.rangiruru.school.nz to download the position description.  To apply send your CV with covering letter, including two referees, to Sue Smith at s.smith@rangiruru.school.nz

Applications close at 4.00pm on Tuesday 1 October 2013.

 Goedes:  Looking deeper inside our students and ourselves.
I’ve found when I tried or looked deeper inside
What appears unadorned might be wondrously formed
You can’t always tell but sometimes you just know

--Carrie Newcomer, “Geodes” 
We all know that test scores do not reveal what teachers understand about their students; about the needs, hopes, interests and dreams that make each child unique.  But how often do we intentionally create space to nuture this understanding in our classrooms?  You might be inspired by this reflection from a primary Montessori teacher on a lesson around Geodes - those ordinary looking rocks with a surprisingly beautiful interior.

"Last year, I was introduced to Carrie Newcomer’s music and I loved it. I wanted to share this music with my young students but wondered if they could understand what I considered the adult concepts in her lyrics. I chose the song “Geodes,” played it for my students, and they loved it as well. We spent time memorising the words, opening and researching the geology of geodes, and then began to consider more deeply the song’s message. As a class, we decided the most significant ideas in the song were: the importance of not judging a book by its cover or “looking deeper inside,” finding “hidden good in common things,” and discovering “miracles clothed in the commonplace.” 
I asked the students to think about a time in their lives when they may have experienced any of these life lessons. The next few days became the highlight of my 34-year teaching career as student after student wrote of their experiences. " Read more....

It's 2154, and the world is dirty, overcrowded and desperately poor. Only a small number have paying jobs and brutal robots police constantly. Meanwhile the wealthy live in peace and luxury on a space station called Elysium.  With robots to serve them and Med-Pods to cure them of every disease, their existence is a world apart from the conditions on Earth. 
Despite their attempts to keep it that way, shuttles of immigrants from Earth try to reach Elysium illegally. By becoming complicit in a violent crime against an important citizen of Elyisum, Max (Matt Damon), has an opportunity to get to Elysium and save the rest of the inhabitants of Earth.  But his only chance to save his own life will mean risking it.
As 'one large metaphor for immigration,' Elysium explores many current political issues.  It can also be viewed as a Christian allegory about sacrifice, and as such, could be used to interesting effect in the RE classroom.  There is a helpful Discussion Guide on the Damaris Film Blog.
'Elysium isn't science fiction.  It's now.'  
Neil Blomkamp (Director)
The Middle East Explained in one excellent Letter to the Editor

(printed in The Financial Times, 22 August 2013)

Image: Mina Fayek Tweet / Via Twitter: @minafayek

Israel has MovedDiana Pinto, 2013

If you have any interest in trying to understand Israel today, I'd encourage you to
make time to read this recently published portrait by Diano Pinto.  It's a beautifully written book underpinned by deep analysis.  
Pinto presents a country simultaneously moving forward and backward, looking outward and turning in on itself. In business, Israel is forging new links with the giants of Asia, and its booming science and technology sectors are helping define the future for the entire world. But in politics and religion, Israelis are increasingly self-absorbed, building literal and metaphorical walls against hostile neighbours and turning to ancient religious precepts for guidance.

Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through HD videos, high-res images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, study notes and articles. There is a free version, but the superior, detailed version can be purchased.  Check it out here.

Thanks to Malcolm Woolrich, Chaplain at MGS for this recommendation.  
Interfaith Curriculum for Peacemaking
This 74-page free resource published by the Abrahamic Faiths Peace Initiatve (California, USA) is worth dipping in to. Three of the sessions focus on peacemaking in Judaism, Christanity and Islam.  

The writings of Parker Palmer will be familiar to many, and it was a delight to discover a series of his articles online (thanks Brian Poxon!) Do yourself a favour and make time to read Teaching with Heart and Soul and A New Professional: The Aims of Education Revisited.  Or perhaps bookmark to read over term break.
You can also sign up to receive a quarterly newsletter from the Centre of Courage & Renewal: Reconnecting who you are with what you do, in which Palmer writes a column.
AARE 25th CONFERENCE, 29 September - 1 October 2014
Amora Hotel, Richmond, Victoria
The Australian Association for Religious Educators announces their 25th Biennial National Conference: iConnect - iDiscover - I Am

If you are interested in presenting a paper or leading a conference workshop, or for more information about the Conference see:
www.aare.org.au or Email: jennycrofts@ozemail.com.au 

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