Something happened at the Harp yesterday that's never happened before. And we're not talking about the Bills winning in Chicago, although that much is true. 
We've been hanging flags on gamedays at the Harp for eighteen years now. But yesterday, someone decided that they would take several of the flags, selfishly damaging the gameday experience for their fellow Bills fans, and ruining what should have been a great day for Bills fans in Boston. 
We understand that in the emotion of a big win, people can sometimes do things they regret later.  We hope that whoever did this will realize their mistake and make things right.  Bring the flags back to the Harp, and there will be no questions asked. Just leave them at the hostess station or the DJ booth and no one will question you.  If you know the person that took them, please work with that person to return them.
However, you should know that The Harp's security cameras were operating yesterday, and based on their placement, we are confident we have evidence of who took the flags. We have never used the video to monitor the actions of members, but then again, something like this has never happened before.  If the flags aren't returned, we will review the footage and alert law enforcement authorities of the theft, and ban the individuals involved from The Harp.  Nobody wants this, obviously. We don't care who did it, we just want them back. 
We hang the flags each week to help make the Harp feel a little more like home. Isn't a Bills game at the Harp better when the place looks a little like Ralph Wilson Stadium? Whoever took the flags probably thought that they wouldn't be missed, that they are only cheap decorations and easily replaced.   However some of these flags have sentimental value to those of us who have been running the Bills Backers since 1991: One of the flags was in Atlanta at the last Bills' Super Bowl appearance.  And one of them was autographed by Bills legend Butch Byrd at our Charity Day event a few years ago. 

Again, please do the right thing and bring them back, and there will be no questions asked.  Thank you.

Your Bills Backers of Boston Executive Committee,
Jeff, Tim, Darrell, Chris, George and Kristen