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March Gardening

In the mid-south, March is the first of three busy months of sowing and planting. Farther north it will be April before a real start can take place.

Outside we can sow peas, leeks, onions, Brussels sprouts, spinach, parsley, and broad beans.

For salads…lettuce and scallions.

In a heated greenhouse sow peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and self blanching celery for planting in the garden in May.

Work the compost well for the next two weeks, it should be lose and crumbly.

If you compost on the ground and you’ve had lots of rain as we have, you may need to uncover the compost and let it dry out just a bit.

I covered some other March "dos and don’ts" in the Beatitudes today; you might wish to hop over to the blog and read those: Bea's Beatitudes

Herb of the Month

I’ve chosen Bay as my herb for March. Soon we will move away from soups, stews, and most of the dishes that are better with Bay…so enjoy for a few more weeks at best. Bay is one of the few herbs that actually is better dried than fresh. In fact I never use fresh bay, it just doesn’t impart the flavor I’m looking for.

Bay is delicious added to the old timey Rice pudding of my mother’s day. If you want the recipe it can be found in the recipe archives at the Sage Hill Farms website. Sage Hill Farms Recipes.

Most things here at Sage Hill took a pretty big hit over the winter…but, the sage, rosemary, and thyme are looking fabulous; with a few days of sun we will be back in business and running full steam ahead.

While thyme is a perennial, it is a summer flavor and does wonderful things for eggplant, zucchini, and all varieties of squash.

The refreshing flavor of lemon thyme is used in butters, custards, and fruit salads.

Do you know thyme is known for its antiseptic and disinfectant thymol content? A cup of thyme tea will go a long way in easing a sore throat.

If you don’t have garden space, consider growing a few culinary herbs in pots on the deck, porch or patio…anywhere that you have good sun for at least 6 hours every day.

My apologizes to some of you who have had reason to be in touch with me…I’ve been out of reach for a few weeks and am working hard at catching up.

Some advice from an old farmer~ "Remember, a bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor".

Essential Oils

Are you looking for a few simple ways to take better control of your health issues? Let me state that I’m not offering medical advice…use wise judgment if you need to see a health care professional. But if you consider your maintenance program very carefully, the need for a doctor will be much less.

Essential oils from plants are becoming more and more recognized for their healing properties. After all, they have been used in this manner for thousands of years. Young Living is one of the few companies that offers a certified medicinal/food grade of oils that can be used in many different ways to heal, eliminate, build immunity, and cleanse…both inside and out. If you wish to know more, you can read, ask questions, and become well informed without being pushed to purchase something you don’t understand. Two women I have known for years and highly recommend are very informed and will help you to become knowledgeable so you can make good choices too.

Faye Durham - or

Debbie Dreyer - or

I wish you each a lovely spring season, take it in and make it your own -
then share it with someone you know or wish to know~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz and The Sage Hill Farms family~

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