Hi everyone,
Hope you're OK and managing to stay relatively sane. If it wasn't for me clearing stones from a field and playing myself at snooker I'd worry that I might go crazy.
Obviously there's not too much new stuff going on for me either, but there's a couple of bits of news and I thought it would be nice just to say Hi.
Richard Herring
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I am doing loads of stuff on Twitch to help keep you entertained/concerned for me.
The channel is here. twitch.tv/rkherring
And you can catch up on old videos (stored for a month I think)  here
Basically I am stone clearing at 8am or thereabouts Monday to Friday (there's a nice community of Slag Hags to chat with when I'm late or the feed goes down)
I am playing snooker against myself at 7.30pm most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (though am doing something for Steve McNeil's channel on Thursday this week) and usually play a video game after the snooker is over.
And I am thinking of doing commentaries on films I love or hate on Sunday nights around 8pm (I did Sliding Doors last Sunday) though you need to have the film on download of DVD to watch along.
And I am recording a RHLSTP every Wednesday night at 8pm. We've done Buxton, Michael Spicer and Mark Watson so far and this Wednesday I will be talking to Robert Webb from Robert's Web.
When I have other guests confirmed they will be listed here
You can chip in some money for Twitch if you like, by subscribing BUT if you are with Amazon Prime you get given a  free $5 to donate to the Twitch channel of your choice every month.
So you could give it to me
You have to sign up to Twitch Prime, link your accounts and then subscribe AND remember to come back every month to subscribe again. But if enough of you do it we might be able to pay for filming RHLSTPs and maybe more. All the money we get from this will go towards making new content
This handy video takes you through the whole subscription process.
BUT I will keep putting everything out for free as always so that you can still see and listen if you are skint.
We still have a few precorded shows to go which will be on Acast (and everywhere else) and Youtube on these dates
29th March Fern Brady
6th May Limmy
13th May Sir Michael Palin
20th May Aisling Bea
27th May Adam Buxton
3rd June Michael Spicer
10th June Mark Watson
17th June Robert Webb
You can listen here
Remember every time you listen to the audio with the ads you are giving us free money which we will use to make more content. If you become a badger you can get ad free audio (and the day before everyone else).
We are also putting out retro episodes of AIOTM on Fridays to raise more funds in order to pay the cast (who didn't get paid the first time round) and to raise money for the Heckle the Virus just giving page which is raising funds for club comics who find themselves suddenly out of work.
We managed to put an extra £2000 in to the fund this month from the ads and Twitch subs. So thanks.

Incredibly I have recorded a frame of Me1 vs Me2 snooker for the BBC. They have edited it down to 4 minutes, which is ridiculous and makes the whole thing seem almost comic. Keep an eye on Twitter for when this will be broadcast. I will put the full frame up in the secret area for monthly badgers once it's been broadcast. Become a badger for this and many more benefits here.
The important thing here is that I am being PAID to play snooker AND am back on the telly. I know a lot of unlikely things have happened this year, but nothing more unlikely than this. Even Captain Tom getting to number 1 would have been less of a surprise if you'd been told about this on January 1st.
The secret project that I am not allowed to mention yet will hopefully still go ahead at some point. It still hasn't been announced, presumably because recording has had to be delayed. Hope I am still in it when it happens. Hopefully pretty much all of my gigs will be rearranged, though not the Edinburgh Fringe yet. The letting agency has agreed we should have our money back for the flat (we paid in full to get a discount) but they don't have any money so can't give it back to us. It still won't be in my top 10 most expensive Fringes though.
We tried to change the fridge filter but we couldn't move the fridge. We will need to wait til some proper men come to the house and can help us.
I have made slow progress with my book  as I am now a part time teacher and full time child minder. But I am hoping I can find the time in May to get it done.
Thanks for the nice emails and comments about all the stuff that's going on and very glad that all this nonsense I am doing is helping some of you through. The best of luck to you and yours over the coming weeks. I doubt there will be much live comedy this year, but we will see.

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