Painting Workshops for Adults Saturdays 2-4pm

with Marion van den Driesschen

Theme:- developing a painting from concept to completion

During these workshops we will be:-

+ Exploring how to take a concept/idea/image and develop it into a painting
+ Learning how to organise a palette and mix colours using either acrylics or oil paints
+ Discover the process of developing a painting

These workshops are for anyone interested in exploring their creative expression through painting. I aim to address the most common fears people seem to have; not knowing how to start and not knowing when a work is finished. Each person will be asked to come along with their own idea or an image for a painting.

Venue: Studio Editions, Southern end of Florence Terrace, Scotland Island

Cost: $150 for 6 workshops

Contact: Marion van den Driesschen on

9979 3993 or 0431 457 431