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* Submissions Are Open!*
The 2022 Perugia Press Prize contest for a first or second full-length book by a woman-identifying poet is open for submissions until 11/15/21.

Publication of the winning manuscript comes with
$1,000, author copies, and other support from the press.

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight 
September 2021 Poet: Diana Marie Delgado

Photo by Felicia Zamora

Twelve Trees

The plumes of the avocado are sick.
Dad cuts roses with a hatchet.
In hell, there's nothing but crocodiles
and fathers. In Mexico, the Devil is handsome
and smiles in all his photographs. He has one wife,
two daughters, three sons, but no mother.
He rakes leaves then fixes umbrellas,
occasionally throws back his head and sings. 
from Tracing the Horse (Boa Editions)

To read more about this poet and her work, check out our blog.

2020 Annual Report

The Perugia Press Board has created our 2020 Annual Report. We are proud of, and energized by, the work we were able to accomplish during a challenging year, and we did it with the help of our poetry community of supporters, volunteers, readers, poets, and friends of Perugia Press. You are part of that circle. Read our 2020 Annual Report for a recap of our new initiatives and to learn how we've been continuing our mission to publish and promote emerging women-identifying poets and their work. 
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