Upper Right: John Hammell Giving Talk on Chemtrails/ Detoxification From Steps of Vancouver BC Art Gallery
Lower Left- John Hammell Marching With Bullhorn: Yellow Hat Says "Don't Tread on Me" Has Coiled Rattlesnake.
Lower Right: Vancouver Policeman on Bicycle Leading Our Escorted March from Art Gallery To the Beach
We Also Were Escorted by Vancouver Motorcycle Cops, We Had About 60 People on our March
IAHF List: It was a sunny day in the lower 80s at our Vancouver BC March against Geoengineering. I'd been kicked out of this Vancouver Chemtrail Meetup group a few days before the march by the woman leading it (in front, to the left of me in the lower left photo.)
I'd been accused of "spamming" the meetup website (even though all my posts contained useful information that only the leader of the group seemed "put off" by.) I'd also been chastised for refusing to listen to demands that I stop posting links to Sulfur for Health on their meetup site, something I can't in good conscience ever listen to since I am very familiar with the immense harm being caused by the massive biological assault all of us have come under via chemtrails.
I knew they were having a breakfast meeting at a restaurant preceeding the march, so I went into the City early, and only one other marcher was there before me. He was very friendly, and I had a great conversation with him. He was stunned that I'd been kicked out of the group once he realized how much valuable information I had to bring to them, and that was also the reaction of all the other people who came in, so by the time the organizer got there, she could see that I'd won over everyone in the whole group.
I gained their trust by discussing Codex, Agenda 21, alternative health and healing, detoxification, the NASA document calling for a Trans Humanist Future, and by talking with the meeting I'd had the day before with former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm who has taken a public stance against chemtrails by filing a Freedom of Information Act Request with the BC Government. I think this organizer felt upstaged by me and she didn't dare give me the sort of flack in person that he'd given my via gutless, anonymous email.
The consensus amongst several of the guys in the group was that she was an obsessive compulsive control freak, and I readily seconded the motion, although she did give a pretty good speech from the steps of the Art Gallery, even if it was from notes (mine was without notes, and off the cuff, with me making eye contact with the crowd the entire time.)
I had a throng of people around me afterwards wanting to know how they could order sulfur to protect themselves, and their families because my talk really helped get across the fact that the ruling elite intend to radically cull the human herd, and are agressively seeking through chemtrails to kill and weaken us all so they can get the microchip into us and totally enslave us.
We had 4 bullhorns amongst us on our March, and mine was the biggest, a Thunderpower horn with siren. It felt damn good to get into the streets to make some noise, and to do my best to awaken a sleeping public on the chemtrails issue, and I hope a lot of you participated in the other marches held simultaneously on this issue in cities all over the US and Canada and in 23 other countries as well!Please email your photos to me at jham@iahf.com so I can send them to the IAHF list!
To paraphrase Franklin D. Roosevelt, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!!" Here is what he said in this inauguration speech. Even though looking back I regard him as a communist traitor, this was still a great speech and it encouraged a lot of downtrodden people during the depression.
All of us must conquer fear as we speak out against the genocidal killers who seek to expose the world ruling elite, and their evil plans to cull the human herd. Please re-read this NASA document in which they make no bones about their intention to kill huge numbers of us with chemtrails.
Please show it to everyone within your sphere of influence: family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors! I told the crowd about it in Vancouver. We must take our message to the streets, because the mainstream media has been doing their best to shut us out and do spin against the truth on this and so many other related issues.
Friends, no one paid me to go to Vancouver to march. I did it out of a sense of civic duty, out of a desire to help out our neighbors to the north. All of us must extend our hands across the border to allied health freedom fighters all over the world. We must build, and strengthen alliances, because we oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely, and the truth is not in them!
If you value my effort to awaken the people of Vancouver BC on Saturday, and wish to support the work of International Advocates for Health Freedom, please consider either making a donationhttp://www.iahf.com/donate.html#donate to our organization, or support us by buying sulfur, especially by signing up for autoshipping, or by ordering multiple pounds which will really help your health going forward as our would be masters accelerate their chemtrail spraying!
They're attempting to literally change our DNA via this spraying. They're attempting to microchip us from the inside out via the spraying, but we don't have to let them, we can get in their faces and fight back, and I need all of you to do this!
I need all of you to massively forward this and to urge more people to join the IAHF list which costs them nothing to do! Theres safety in numbers. You will notice that I am not using a pseudonym, I am not wearing a mask, I am very openly challenging the Rockefuckers and their ilk, and you can help me remain alive by massively forwarding this. I have had attempts made on my life as an organizer for doing things like this, and I've been told that I'm on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law.
They don't scare me. My faith in the Lord empowers me, and it will empower you if you pray for strength and guidance, and discernment on how best to fight back!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I fear no evil, because I am the baddest SOB in the valley, and if they were smart, they'd fear ME, because I'm not taking any prisoners!
Do yourselves a favor, get ARMED, with weapons, ammunition, freeze dried food, heirloom seeds, sulfur, and above all: GOOD INFORMATION!! The satanic Obamination's mission is to destroy America for the N.W.O. by crashing our currency. He is a gay Muslim communist traitor, and he has a photoshopped birth certificate!
Do what you must to protect yourselves and your family from N.W.O chemtrail genocide, and that includes buying Sulfur in bulk by buying 10 lbs at the discounted price of just $32/ lb ($320 for 10 lbs with FREE SHIPPING!! This way you can chelate all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us including mercury, arsenic, barium, cobalt, aluminum oxide and others.You must protect yourself from the ethylene dibromide, dessicated red blood cells, mycoplasma, nano fibers, and other crap being sprayed on us by actively learning how to detox! 
You can place your 10 lb sulfur order at the IAHF paypal link here.

For additional info on how to detox see this article on my site.
If you are in Canada and want your order faster, I can ship it from the Canadian post office across the border so you won't have to wait for your order to clear customs, if you agree to pay for shipping. (email me at jham@iahf.com if you want a shipping quote.)
I can ship sulfur to to any country in the world because it has a WTO number which makes it easy to get through customs. The only exceptions so far have been Norway and Switzerland, both of which have ignored international law and have seized it. (email me at jham@iahf.com for a shipping quote to your country.)
I ship by priority mail to US states, and endeavor to ship within 2 days of receiving your order, and on the same day as much as time permits!
To see the photos from the Calgary, Alberta march- click here!
To see photos from numerous other anti Chemtrail marches around the world, go here, and follow the links on Air Craps front page!
If any of you have other photos from anti chemtrail marches anywhere in the world, please send them to me so I can inspire more people to fight back by sending them to the IAHF list!
Together, we CAN DEFEAT the satanic New World Order killers! There is safety in numbers!
Please urge friends, family coworkers, neighbors, anyone within your sphere of influence to sign up here for the IAHF list.... I am keeping a deliberately high profile to keep from being whacked because the more people following me, the less likely the other side will be to take me out because if they did, it would only lend credence to everything I'm saying.
Never bow down to these satanic bastards, its best to spit in their faces with total contempt by buying and using sulfur to safeguard your health!
Please urge more people to sign up for the FREE IAHF email distribution list by going here, and scrolling down to the sign up menu, because there is safety in numbers!