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Sage Hill Farms is experiencing a typical spring/early summer season--from the 90’s one week down to the 70’s for a high this week. I do believe we are approaching hot as the norm though…’s June, and in the south, that means hot!

Some tips to remember for your garden:

Most plants will wilt when the air is very hot, doesn’t always mean they need water-check the soil before watering to be certain they are dry and not just hot.

Always water early in the morning or if you must - or late in the afternoon/early evening.
(Many plants don’t respond well to being watered when they are ‘hot’)

A negative to watering later in the day is your plants will be more attractive to insects if they, or the soil, is wet/damp during the night…..insects come looking for moisture as well as food. My favorite time to water is very early AM.

Harvesting is best done early in the day. Cutting, or any action to or around your plants stresses them, and even more-so during the hottest part of the day.

Herbs are best harvested early AM as this is the peak of the Essential oil content.

When thinning young plants…using very fine, pointed clippers-cut the extra seedlings instead of pulling them…this will avoid disturbing the root system of the remaining ones.

Tips On Pruning Basil~

Start the pruning process early. Cut young plants back to the top 2 leaves. This encourages the basil plant to form new branches and new leaves.

Pinch flower buds immediately before they reach maturity. If the flowers are allowed to fully bloom the plant thinks production time is over and will begin the process of setting seed and will finally die.

Basil likes air circulation. Prune from the inside branches to allow this.

Once Basil is 2 to 3 months into growing don’t be afraid to cut it back drastically…this will promote new and better growth and extend the production time.

Basil, as with most herbs, loves to be pruned and pinched…the more you pinch, the better they produce.

Sage Hill Crops in Process~
All Heirloom and/or Organic~

Tomatoes-8 different varieties
Bell Peppers-red, green and yellow
Cucumbers-mini variety
Squash-yellow crookneck
Eggplant-black beauty
Green beans-bush
Purple gourmet-bush

Tomatoes are blooming and some peppers are beginning to form… is in the air~

A Fresh And Yummy Treat~

Fresh Berries with Basil Cream

Beat a cup of cold Whipping Cream in a large bowl until it peaks…beat in a small amount of Stevia and a hefty handful of (very finely) chopped Basil.

Place a mix of blueberries and strawberries in a serving bowl and top with the Basil Cream.

Things To Know~

All veggies from the Nightshade family contain Solanine (a toxin) tomatoes, peppers, green-skinned potatoes, and eggplant…those people with arthritis should limit their intake of these vegetables.

Eggplant also contains large amounts of Oxalates…when this becomes too concentrated in the body fluids, they can crystallize and cause problems-especially those with kidney or gallstones.

Moderation is the key…as with many things that are good for us…but not in over indulgences.

The Drying Barn at Sage Hill ….is quickly filling up! Herbs, seasonings, teas, and tisanes will be plentiful this season. Except…Lavender - lost some shrubs in the last hard freeze and the replacements will not bear heavily the first year.

** If you need or want products with Lavender, please email me your list and I’ll reserve for you. Selections and prices are on the website.

Thank you each and all for your wonderful support of what we do at Sage Hill Farms, your friendship and participation makes us strive to do the best we are capable.

The best of the season ~

Sage Hill Herb Farm
32 Old Petersburg Pike
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