Allotment Donations. Wrong Information on Letter.

Dear Plot Holder,

You will all have received your allotment bills by now and as last year they were accompanied by a request for voluntary donations to help keep allotments affordable for all sections of the community.
Unfortunately the Allotment Office sent out the exact same letter as last year despite the Councils payment systems having undergone some big changes.

This means that the advice for how to make donations online on the letter is not correct. 

If you do wish to make an voluntary donation online then please use this link instead.

Choose 'Allotment Donation'
Please enter your name or enter Anonymous Donation
Follow instructions to make a payment.

Last year £6000 were raised in donations to the service! 

Mark Carroll



Plot holders are most welcome to upload pages to our website. Just go to our site, and go to 'add you story' It's really easy to do!

Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation