BHAF Site Reps
9th October 2013

Dear Site Rep,
Hi Site Reps,

You may have seen on our recent newsletter that together with The Food Partnership we have produced 3 short films painting we hope, a realistic picture of what it is like to take on an allotment. 
These videos have been getting a good response so there is a further video now being planned. This video will concentrate on the process of 'plot clearing' for new tenants, and will follow them over the next few months as they clear their plots and start planting. Hopefully we will also find a 'mentor' to take part in the videos, who will also appear in the video, give advice on how to clear the plot, which pernicious weeds need concentrating on, soil improvement, erecting fencing to protect from rabbits (if you have them) etc etc.
If you are interested in this project and can find a new plot holder who has not started work yet who would be willing to take part, and a mentor who would be willing to give advice then please email us and let us know.

Mark Carroll
BHAF Publicity Officer
Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation